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1488.80 (4,309,128th)
2,524 (66,584th)
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Title Δ
Disruptor vs. Reactive architecture for middle-frequency trading sy... 0.00
How can I see all modified files from a Git Pull Request? +1.50
Ada list running process in Linux +1.98
The OS Shell is not toggle-able in my GPS tools menu, How do I enab... 0.00
Ada Web Server, cannot make simple hello world +0.62
Conditionally change opacity of all nodes and edges recursively (d3) +0.52
Variable initialization in generic package body using return value... +0.10
How to pass duration for discriminant ada? +0.26
Ada preconditions that use private functions? 0.00
D3.js customize collapsible indented tree. Setting positions of nod... 0.00
GNAT GPL 2016 Installation Hassle . . +0.02
Convert from System.Address to Integer in Ada -0.43
dummy node in generic linked list 0.00
Ada pragma Pack or Alignment attribute for Records? -2.86
Angular2 Routing no Hash even with HashLocationStrategy -1.96
Passing strings in C-ADA binding application +4.05
Ada dependency graph 0.00
Ada's private types visibility in implementation 0.00
How can I get source code from Ada exe files? 0.00
Access the value using pointer in Ada 0.00
Setting Widget Focus in Gtkada 0.00
put_Line is not visible and non-visible declaration at 0.00
Find vertex at distance d -3.09
How to select (one or multiple) line in a text area +0.11
Case Statement in Where Clause in SQL Server -0.19
Reload the page if i click on outside the multiple dropdown box usi... +0.14
What is wrong with my list index? index error is stated +0.15
Error building Ada Web Server (AWS) on OS X El Capitan 0.00
GNAT GPS IDE not binding and linking with strange error +4.14
Sort even and odd numbers in order -0.93
How to use Ada 2012 user defined iterators? +4.65
Why is a variable of a predefined type included under "generic... 0.00
GNAT GPS debugger data window does not show data values 0.00
GPS-GNAT 2006 not working well on Windows 7 0.00
Rendering a dynamically created family graph with no overlapping us... +3.59
Is it possible to create dynamically 2d arrays in Ada without using... 0.00
ADA static library - compatibility with different versions of compi... -3.77
Rules for formal incomplete types in Ada 2012 0.00
How to give a package as a generic parameter in Ada? 0.00
Setting a default list of items in project_attribute in a GNAT GPS... +4.51
ADA : Convert an input with slashes to 3 seperate integers +2.95
Carousels don't work when using angularjs? -3.75
AngularJS How to remove empty option - Blank from Select -3.71
Fixed Topbar and Content Div 0.00
Ada - constraint error 0.00
AngularJS: displaying an array of objects in separate rows +2.56
How to change label in gtkada and glade 0.00
CSS: draw lines between flexboxes 0.00
Select all genealogy of a father in SQL without WITH or WHILE -3.84
Building Ada Web Server fails 0.00