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Mark Meyer

1702.60 (136th)
46,686 (2,217th)
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Title Δ
Trying to create a loop to add variables from an array to another a... 0.00
Python Best Practice for Looping Backwards in For Loop without reve... 0.00
How can I convert a string to "gbk" encoding? 0.00
methods for optimising list comprehension or alternatives 0.00
How to merge two list of dictionaries based on a value 0.00
Python List - Return Index 0.00
What is an elegant way to remove duplicate mutable objects in a lis... 0.00
How to check to make sure all items in a list are of a certain type 0.00
Threads appear to get executed in sequence Python 0.00
Print the last result before 0 0.00
one while loop to count up and down 0.00
Faster element rolled permutation swaping between two lists 0.00
Find median for each element in list 0.00
slicing a list across several slices 0.00
Fast way to find what histogram bin a single value will fall into? 0.00
Line arrangement problem. (Could someone propose a more time effici... 0.00
Recursive approach to the binary search in Python 0.00
Python - Replacing parts of a string 0.00
replacing numpy array elements that are non zero 0.00
NodeJS: How is cart not defined? 0.00
Sort third list using sorting resulting from two list sort? 0.00
Why isn't the __new__() method of my class returning an instanc... 0.00
Recursive enumerate JSON hierarchy parent/child to dictionary 0.00
Subtract dynamic value from every value in list 0.00
Native JS add class using a counter reset on each parent class 0.00
consolidate multiple python list based on list values into one 0.00
What is the purpose of doing my_list = list(filter(None, my_list)) 0.00
Create a list counting sequential occurrences of numbers in another... 0.00
Expanding a List Comprehension 0.00
Create a dictionary with 2 or more variables as keys to values with... 0.00
Matching the values of one dictionary to the keys of another dictio... 0.00
I have troubles with implementing distributions in python 0.00
Python Recursive function doesn't execute rest of the outer loo... 0.00
How to convert a list of lists into a dictionary of relative freque... 0.00
python- sort a list by alphabetical order / type / index 0.00
Remove "First" Item From Python Dict 0.00
Python - sum of multiples of 3 or 5 below 1000 0.00
I am trying to use a string to find the mass of a random thing, ass... 0.00
Python - create dictionary from two lists with repeated elements 0.00
truthy and falsy values for strings with explicit call 0.00
Counting Entries in a File 0.00
searching value of list in dict and add it to new dictionary 0.00
Unable to retrieve itertools iterators outside list comprehensions 0.00
How to covert replace numpy loop with faster broadcast operation 0.00
How can I extract out the value of X, Y, Z in a list of dataset in... 0.00
Counting the total number of connection under a person in Python 0.00
Python getattr default value evaluation 0.00
How do I sum all integers in a list multiplied by their indexes? 0.00
Finding median value of multiple NumPy arrays 0.00
How to reverse a linked list while keeping the original linked list... 0.00