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Jesse de Wit

1531.54 (16,537th)
444 (295,101st)
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Title Δ
Count subtasks of a task recursively -0.09
How to Inject Service into Custom Filter Attribute MVC -0.95
How can I improve my method with less lines? +4.09
Looping through list of objects, when the objects values equal 50 d... -4.42
Slice a list into batches based on byte size -0.14
How to put nodes into parent node? -4.05
How to expand access modifiers for virtual members in a derived cla... 0.00
Looking for an inbuilt ordered list in C# +3.62
C# generate XML for non-serializable properties -2.01
Json deserializer gets 'Unexpected character encountered while... 0.00
Let Task.WhenAny return when one specific task ends +3.65
C# Newtonsoft JSON - Deserializing Object with collection of unknow... +3.43
How would I find a specific binary result in a binary source code? 0.00
Passing a parameter to a delegate during creation and maybe use it... +0.08
C# - Decode strings encoded with ISO-8859-1 0.00
How to enable void bool from another class? 0.00
Composite pattern of sealed class that has no interface +5.53
How to do user input in a dictionary in C#? +3.70
Search a string for particular characters and extract the words the... +2.00
JsonConvert.DeserializeObject() cannot deserialize the string prope... 0.00
Update Value from 2nd doc based on compared result 0.00
How to split characters of string equally between buttons? +3.82
Trying to get injected service for seeding data in ASP.NET core MVC 0.00
Is there any reason to run async code inside a Task.Run? +2.98
Accessing a singleton class in c# with this; 0.00
how do i resolve this error?There is no argument given that corresp... +3.84
Model null on POST 0.00
How to make a string with array list iterable 0.00
How to consume an ArrayList in c# from RESTful API? +3.97
Exception thrown from task is swallowed if thrown after 'await&... -2.96
List equality of a custom class -1.27
MethodInfo.Invoke() suppresses Exception +5.79
c# ping machine in async way 0.00
How to pass complex class as argument to httpget +3.67
How do I send an arbitrary object across network in C# +3.84
How can I decompress a stream in c# like this java snippet code? 0.00
Multiple threads access a return method is it thread safe with a lo... +4.42
select from linq statement with await -2.25
Parsing JSON with Array Root -4.31
Running multipe Task<> in an enterprise application in a safe... -1.85
Find comments in text and replace them using Regex 0.00
WebAPI PushStreamContent client read video stream 0.00
Retrieving corresponding value in array from lookup using linq -0.02
Using reflection to cast an object to List of custom type +0.03
Converting multiple TIFF Images to PDF using iTextSharp -4.02
Returning appropriate messages to the calling client +3.73
.NET Core WebApp, multiple domains, changing SQL connection string... -3.90
Convert http to https in .Net core 0.00
re-execute the MVC pipeline with another route from a resource filter -1.96
Handling ever changing baseAddress in WCF host 0.00