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1629.77 (863rd)
104,026 (697th)
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Title Δ
What is getservbyname() — do I understand it right? 0.00
Convert an element (to be accurate: number) from array/char to type... 0.00
Does '\0' Take Up The Size of a Char? - C 0.00
gettimeofday to calculate elapsed when day changes 0.00
How many bytes does it take to encode the assembly-code line "... 0.00
Why does this regexec() in C return as a match, when it shouldn'... 0.00
C preprocessor: line continuation: why exactly comment is not allow... 0.00
What should be the right usage of strncpy_s() - secure string copy... 0.00
Malloc space not accessible after another apparently indipendent fu... 0.00
How to get the current database name from a C function/extention? 0.00
How to copy the 4 bytes to sockaddr.sa_data? 0.00
How do I resolve this make fatal error: numpy/arrayobject.h: No suc... 0.00
how to interpret "shift/reduce" conflicts in bison 0.00
How are variadic variables represented on the stack? 0.00
A function without parameters in C 0.00
What is IPC_EXCL short for? 0.00
Why does mktime give me an hour less? 0.00
Is memcpy a really function with symbol? 0.00
Is this reverse loop is correct in C? +0.30
Segmentation fault about data type? 0.00
How to check [sp,#4] value in gdb 0.00
What is (void) with () in C +1.24
What ctypes argument type to use for variably modified multidimensi... 0.00
How is struct organized in assembly? 0.00
GCC issue with -Ofast? -1.92
Mac c++ filesystem library not recognized 0.00
Analyzing obfuscated ELF binary 0.00
Linux: what prevents us from reading the memory from code segment? 0.00
Using compiler builtins without linking the c standard library +1.75
Why doesn't a warning appear when -0 is written in the code? +2.18
How to write unnamed Posix Semaphore to Shared Memory? 0.00
Is th­is go­od cod­e? W­ill th­is w­o... +1.35
static inline vs inline static +1.45
Trying to read a file and display the values in c 0.00
Why does sem_wait not unblock (and return -1) on an interrupt? +1.64
Why would one call stat64 explicitly? 0.00
How to implement successive pipes in C? 0.00
Does a mutex lock prevent access until it's unlocked? -2.08
Is it legal write to a byte array in a union and read from an int t... -2.62
What happens when two or more philosophers check the mutex to be 1... -1.86
fflush() Always Retruns 0 But Sets errno to 11 (Resource temporaril... 0.00
c function that changes permission of file 0.00
Why there is floating point exception in this program? +0.36
Memory management by malloc and free +1.24
Methods to convert `void *` function parmeter inconsistant from typ... -1.15
Square root [ASM] +0.28
Create exactly 5 process with fork() -0.63
Why is a function prototype not needed in C if there is no return i... +1.14
C preprocessor parameter bracket covering the 'defined' key... +0.27
Return Value 3221225477? +0.30