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Marco Bonelli

1640.02 (679th)
24,297 (5,297th)
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Title Δ
How can I transform a char array to a string representing its value... 0.00
Using execvp to execute command line arguments using full path name... 0.00
How can I replace different format strings using a regex? 0.00
Having child processes printf to redirected stdout correctly 0.00
Don't fully understand the output of very small C program using... 0.00
Register usage in ARM assembly function which is called by a C func... 0.00
How to print a char repeatedly using format specifier instead of lo... 0.00
Getting list of PIDs from /proc in Linux 0.00
EXPORT_SYMBOL a dynamic memory location 0.00
Printing a variable number of arguments to a format string 0.00
Reading user input into array up to its maximum size 0.00
At what point is the efficiency of the library functions not worth... 0.00
Can a page fault occur in kernel mode? 0.00
What happens when malloc doesn't find the memory? 0.00
How does addr2line work with virtual addresses for kernel space deb... 0.00
How does the AF_PACKET socket work in Linux? 0.00
Questions on scull_follow function in linux device drivers 3rd edit... 0.00
flock() between PHP and C edge case 0.00
How to include linux driver source files in a kernel module written... 0.00
How does `do_new_mount_fc()` mount real file systems like ext4? 0.00
Unable to install a kernel even though it compiled successfully 0.00
Linked List multiple arrows in C +0.32
About the usage of "__GFP_COMP"? 0.00
What are the differences between "__GFP_NOFAIL" and "... 0.00
simple_read_from_buffer/simple_write_to_buffer vs. copy_to_user/cop... 0.00
How is the signal mask set in sys_rt_sigreturn? 0.00
OS involvement in stack operations 0.00
Does kmalloc() reserve Copy-On-Write (COW) mappings? 0.00
Kernel visibility into the call stack in Python 0.00
Syscall library in windows 0.00
GLIBC malloc implementation bookkeeping 0.00
How are hardware interruptions handled in non-preemtive scheduling? +1.14
GDB how to set break point in linked files? +1.65
Simple ROP chain with 2 arguments to the function 0.00
Linux shared library loading and sharing the code with other process +1.53
error: ‘MAP_SYNC’ undeclared and error: ‘MAP_SHARED_VALIDATE’ 0.00
How to identify a thread is a kernel thread or not through `bash`? 0.00
Could the affinity of thread created by kernel be set by "cpus... 0.00
C Warning: statement with no effect with bitwise operations +0.31
Could scheduler automatically migrate the thread whose affinity has... 0.00
How to write a floating point array to a file in C? 0.00
Is there a performance cost to using large mmap calls that go beyon... +1.29
How can I view the stdout buffer before flushing it? 0.00
Are URLs in emails indexed by search engines so they become publicl... 0.00
linux kernel: understand how jiffies diff is calculated 0.00
Why does compiling the Linux kernel require a lot of storage space? 0.00
Why do we have to use another kernel source from the Internet when... 0.00
Checking stdin and stdout using external function +0.04
How does the compiler differentiate typedef struct implementation w... 0.00
mmap behaviour changed after OS upgrade? 0.00