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1689.23 (195th)
32,585 (3,646th)
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Title Δ
Given a string s, find the longest palindromic substring. Can't... 0.00
Why do I run into an infinite loop without __contains__? 0.00
Ternary Operator return values 0.00
JOptionPane showConfirmDialog if else statement not working 0.00
Why this strange thing happening in my list? 0.00
Create a set of class objects which contain that very set as an att... 0.00
Finding the biggest number in java two-dimentional array -0.10
Ambiguous method call +1.07
How does derived class arguments work in Python? 0.00
Table not being updated 0.00
How to find start & end index of a sub-string from a string 0.00
You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresp... -0.26
Java exception thrown in a "try" block cannot get caught... 0.00
Python - Invalid character after line continuation 0.00
Is there a way to refactor these if statements? +0.25
Pythonic way for a conditional return in a function -0.08
Non-static variable cannot be referenced from a static context prob... -0.69
Why does `list.extend()` interleave `None`s in the resulting list? +1.05
How to remove \n\t\r from list in Python? +1.22
Python 2 and Python 3 built-in all() function not behaving equally +0.25
When I set an Enum instance variable as a value that is included as... 0.00
SyntaxError when passing async=True to function 0.00
TypeError output seems backwards 0.00
Looking for way to exit system or stop code 0.00
Java Number Format Exception for Input Strings with Only Digits 0.00
Java 8: What is the shortest way to initialize a hash set of one key? +1.25
Class constructor list remains empty throughout Python code 0.00
Python CSV: Unable to upload file. Index Error("String index o... 0.00
I have two tuple comparison. Almost the same data. Why this error: +1.36
why i'm getting Run time exception while cloning an object in j... 0.00
why String.format("%02x ", -1) return ffffffff instead of... -0.72
What does "min(X(X>0), Y, Z)" mean in Python? +1.07
Why not place if __name__ == '__main__' at the beginning of... +1.52
How does == comparison of 2 dictionaries work when the value is a m... +1.55
Regular expression for exactly OR contains -0.25
assertEqual two dicts except one key -0.56
Overriding Clone() method in Java when superclass is not Clonable +1.29
class is not returning the expected output 0.00
Time complexity of a simple while loop +1.30
python set command produces unequal results in different execution... -0.27
Why `n % int(m) != n % float(m)`? +1.20
'Invalid number of arguments for function replace. Expected: on... 0.00
i keep getting this error and i don't know why 0.00
Python string concatenation of multiple strings separated without c... 0.00
Add string to each item in python list based on condition -0.39
How to stop a while loop with a user input? -1.93
Execute code only if one of the if statements ran +0.01
Life Counter Keeps Resetting -0.74
Why doesn't my if statement not work in while loop? +1.34