An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1452.98 (4,404,849th)
2,504 (67,126th)
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Title Δ
Stop pre-installed screen recording apps from recording screen in a... 0.00
Css :contains after Ajax loaded script append +0.05
IllegalArgumentException in Shared Element Transition +0.55
How to use Google Cloud Translation API in Android Studio? 0.00
ArrayList is Displaying Null even after pushing Data into it 0.00
How to perform Integer Linear Programming in Apache Commons Math +0.57
TextView real height with wrap_content single line +0.08
Cannot solve getMapAsync in Fragment -1.03
Objective-C append dictionary to NSDictionary +0.55
How to make app wait until Firebase request is finished -0.24
Cannot install debug and release version on same device +0.57
error when setting up loggly/winston +0.56
Up Navigation not launching parent activity -0.43
Get GeoCodes from Android Google Maps App 0.00
Handle Callbacks in android client v1.4 0.00
Set touch enabled on child view of UIScrollView and Disable UIScrol... 0.00
Extra JSON value to display in Objective C -1.15
Equivalent of loginViewShowingLoggedInUser 0.00
Code for UIPasteboard? 0.00
SWRevealViewController does not load on iPad 0.00
sizeWithFont: and sizeWithAttributes: don't work for a long sin... -0.43
How to add one NSArray data to another NSArray fields? +0.55
Random index from NSIndexSet +0.25
Assertion failure in [UITableView configureCellForDisplay:forIndexP... +0.33
Orientation not updating after pop segue -0.44
Ios select color using color wheel -1.73
How do Colorfy app developers keep the size of the app small even t... +0.57
How to highlight bar in Bar Chart from custom method using ios char... +2.22
cannot force app to portrait-only in iOS9 -0.18
How to save the response From My server , and How can i access That... -0.04
Adding arrays with key to dictionary in ios +0.57
Confusing example of strong reference cycle in Swift -1.07
HighChart Libraries for Android and IOS +0.05
How to use contact form php +2.52
iAd banner not working on iOS 9 -3.37
Best way to cancel an SKDownload 0.00
Need to modify same device UDID in developer account -0.86
Async image loading after some actions on this image - image change... 0.00
NSTimer not working Swift -2.59
reloadRowsAtIndexPaths and swipe actions 0.00
Why couldn't access? -3.31
jQuery mobile - after browser refresh page totally messed up 0.00
UIScrollView detect circular tap 0.00
iOS - Why Does It Work When I Compare Two NSNumbers With "==&q... +2.39
How to run imagePicker in tableViewCell +2.48
Assign the json value to label -3.38
What's the maximum amount of time that the UI should be interru... +0.56
SDWebImage not updating image in cache +0.41
Trouble with Segue between ViewController 0.00
how to make an operation wait until the other operation finish in s... -3.60