An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Rating Stats for

Valentine Zakharenko

1492.37 (4,359,913th)
953 (161,111th)
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Title Δ
How to calculate time zone UTC offset for specified date and time w... -0.69
Find the union of lists of pairs without duplicates -1.09
OCaml find number of times n is present in list +0.05
How to return the two biggest items in an OCaml int list in the mos... -0.25
Printing randomly from a list OCAML +3.70
How to add 2 Matrices together in OCAML without modules? 0.00
How to resolve conflict between struct and module names? 0.00
Data structure to check if a static array does not contain an eleme... -2.68
Fastest way to solve chain-calculations +3.32
How to decrypt JWE source (encrypted with RSA1_5 A256CBC-HS512) in... 0.00
How to use Theories and Parameterized unit tests runners together? 0.00
What are succ and pred full names? 0.00
OCaml: Combination of elements in Lists, functional reasoning -3.95
Is it possible to add characters (instead replace defaults) for str... -3.01
How to do internal interfaces visible for Moq? -3.02
What is this signature { zero : α; append : α -> β -> α; } na... 0.00