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Naman Gala

1522.24 (27,905th)
4,080 (41,069th)
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Title Δ
Operator in print statement -0.54
Why does this switch statement not work? 0.00
Nullpointer exception error for using split and comma operators -1.25
Using for loops to shift an array of characters -0.95
java.util.NoSuchElementException in Java code -0.70
How to remove escape characters when JSON is added to model in spri... -0.20
find if ArrayList contains atleat one different string +1.23
Filter dynamic data using ajax in spring +0.43
java While-loop statement will continue to loop but won't inclu... +0.46
Where is size getting it's value (Java) +1.02
Else without if - android studio/java +0.47
setText method and array -0.05
ArrayList Object assigned to LIst Object internal working +0.32
the constructor is undefined ---error in JAVA +1.16
Java program not printing all ASCII values -0.93
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NumberFormatExceptio... +0.34
Java Equals and Pass by value confusion -0.25
For-loop lost inputs in a mulit-dimensional array +0.47
Jagged Array sorting in java -0.74
error: 'else' without 'if - Cant find solution -1.35
overwriting objects in arraylist when adding temp object 0.00
Whats the best practice of using Controller,Service and Repository... -0.35
jdbc preparedstatement vs Resultset 0.00
Filtering Symbols Out of Command Line Input in Java -1.26
how to get userid and password from database and pass to Method in... -2.05
How to run my entire arrayList of change objects though methods to... 0.00
DigitSum method in Java 0.00
why is my count increasing when entering 0, it should exit the loop +0.15
How to convert list of Objects to JSON in Spring MVC and Hibernate? 0.00
Take a peek in my code help me 0.00
why methods inside parent constructor actually invoke child method -0.53
javascript not working with printwriter in java 0.00
java ArrayList about the result -1.32
Set java.util.Date to beginning of the day -0.04
How to create an object from a java.lang.Class value? +1.87
Java how can I get a row of Json data outside of the for loop -1.23
Keep getting "No default constructor found" for controller +0.69
Split a string only two times +0.04
How to get the other details when I click next button? +0.46
Java: How to infinitely enter numbers, stop when negative number is... -0.72
How do I convert [[Ljava.lang.String;@7defb4fb] to a String +0.43
SpringMVC + Hibernate - Model Attribute & Updating -0.25
Why am I getting an infinite loop in this model in java? -0.55
Return serializable object from Spring entity +0.46
Java synchronized function work while synchronized block not work -0.20
Why does .equals() result in an Assertion Error when comparing two... -0.90
Passing List<String> to String... parameter -0.33
how to display information in jsp page from controller Spring MVC +0.45
Submit button in servlet is not working -0.26
How to remove the letters from float value in android? -0.23