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Luis Colorado

1342.31 (4,280,007th)
4,375 (38,040th)
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Title Δ
How is text segment made read-only? 0.00
How to edit ELF by adding custom sections and symbols 0.00
Executing next else statement after some counting 0.00
fgets returns null on non empty file 0.00
#define statement for address of memory 0.00
How does the int to float cast work for large numbers? 0.00
Clarifying how GNU C Library defines nonreentrant functions 0.00
How does the increment operator work with an array? 0.00
Counting whitespaces -argc/argv in C 0.00
Which way of calculating the size of a sockaddr_un structure is cor... 0.00
Why an error when ORing switch case values? 0.00
chars are not getting copied properly 0.00
Segmentation fault with nested strtok possibly? 0.00
Is memcpy() a sleeping function? 0.00
Getting the size of the type of a zero-length array element in a st... 0.00
how to make Binary Tree from inorder and preorder traversals 0.00
Purpose of declaring an struct variable inside union 0.00
Input/Output error when getting termios attributes on ttyS0 serial... 0.00
Hello. My program keeps failing to create the string output I expec... 0.00
fork(), shared memory and pointers in C 0.00
Read 0 bytes after writing to /dev/ttyS0 0.00
Regex: Select the First Closest Exact Match Until the End 0.00
Find if a binary number is power of two with Regex 0.00
How do I insert the identifier into a hash table in C? 0.00
Redirect standard output to file and re-establish the standard outp... -0.05
Is it safe to use mmap and malloc to allocate memory in same program? 0.00
Small Issue with C program to convert lowercase to uppercase for st... -0.34
How to make putenv to a reentrant function? -1.12
Why printf inside if condition works in c? -0.20
How to wrap c++ std::shared_ptr in wrapper headerfile so it can be... -0.79
Can a file descriptor be duplicated multiple time? -0.83
No output shown on problem 8 of project euler -0.46
scanf character input/output -1.06
How to use trig functions for very high accuracy in GMP/MPFR in Pyt... +1.07
Reason behind the following output -1.16
How to draw a circle? -0.29
matrix multiplication in C and MATLAB , different result 0.00
How ASCII converts a character from a character to binary form and... +0.45
Fastest way to generate a number with a geometric distribution 0.00
Accepting a single character in C? +0.36
Namespace or class with one member? 0.00
What is the reason for the warning: "when type is in parenthes... +0.62
How to read/write non ascii characters? +2.84
AWS API Gateway Lambda regex not working/ Java +0.20
Remove all spaces between two double spaces +0.22
regex - Find all numbers in HTML-formatted text +1.08
How to apply concurrent read and write operation on a text file fro... -0.99
Why isn't Simple Switch case not working? -0.98
Delete first node in a linked list -0.91
Read a double number from stdin, with C read() -0.51