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Luis Colorado

1343.25 (4,259,995th)
4,375 (38,039th)
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Title Δ
AWS API Gateway Lambda regex not working/ Java +0.20
Remove all spaces between two double spaces +0.22
regex - Find all numbers in HTML-formatted text +1.08
How to apply concurrent read and write operation on a text file fro... -0.99
Why isn't Simple Switch case not working? -0.98
Delete first node in a linked list -0.91
Read a double number from stdin, with C read() -0.51
How to make minutes and seconds timer in C +0.60
Is it possible to free leaked memory from another process? +0.34
Using " %c%c..." format specifier to print a string produ... 0.00
count the total no. of keywords in the file -0.29
Problems printing out this star shape -0.25
Casting an address of subroutine into void pointer -0.80
How to send a char* address to a function so it prints in hexa -1.02
how does the c compiler find the address of a value when we are sto... -0.41
Preprocessor only on arbitrary file? -0.08
how to read multiple serial ports in realtime in C or Python -0.70
Some values are printing extra times the i (i = 0; i < 10; i++)... -0.30
CommandLine arguments are getting skipped and the rest of the main... 0.00
Is there a kind of sorting algorithm use binary tree by bits of num... 0.00
Converting a structure containing floats into something more networ... -0.78
Why is the return type for ftell not fpos_t? -0.72
Loop through 2-dim matrix diagonally, but the other way +0.85
In C, is there any way to clean up if a longjmp "passes throug... 0.00
How to sort an array of structures, with these structures having po... +0.69
Convert a `char *` to UTF-8 in C, or when using xmlwriter? +0.35
Is there a way to redirect stderr to a file that works in bash, csh... -0.23
Need help understanding how GCC compilation work on linux and macOS -0.45
Get timestamp in microsecond in c with max variable size 32bit -1.32
How to make a text bold in shell script and send the output using S... +2.87
void affecting output of the program -0.44
Is there a fast and reliable POSIX way to check if current file off... 0.00
Is time-slicing synchronous or asynchronous and why? 0.00
while loop runs even if condition isnt true -0.47
unexpected result when counting word length in c using for loop -1.76
What happen if an exit occur inside the atexit handler? -0.09
What does tcpi_rcv_mss mean? 0.00
Split int on hexadecimal level in C? -0.07
Why does int* ptr_arr_int = {1,2}; not work in C/C++? -0.67
How to print 2-byte unicode characters -0.88
When does SIGIO fire? +0.20
How does this function print the correct HEX of the given argument -0.30
Check Domain Names According to RFC 1035 Standard in Java 0.00
Checkstyle Regexp to catch all console printing in Java 0.00
How to cast char* to char *const* in C -0.18
Where is Xlib's Colormap defined? -0.81
Why does C not offer syntactically transparent references like C++... -0.23
What is the fastest way to detect file size is not zero without kno... -1.09
How to read in the entire word, and not just the first character? -0.99
How to fix 'postgres.h' file not found problem? 0.00