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Luis Colorado

1355.81 (4,191,362nd)
4,375 (38,034th)
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Title Δ
Combining compound operators -0.55
Why does this code print lines and not single chars +0.38
Heart rate calculation from a waveform 0.00
invalid use of void expression in c printf +1.60
K & R C Variable Names -0.95
How to Get Names of Methods and Parameters from inside C File in Ja... +0.20
Why is my palindrome function not working? -0.43
Output from fork() in c -0.13
How to remap a file mmap(2)-ed in memory like shmget -0.80
Understanding memory allocations -1.14
ncurses' has_colors() returns false. What is the problem? 0.00
How to delete a specific string from an array of strings in C? -0.45
Embedding constant at specific memory location -0.41
Calculate distance traveled (not distance between) +0.67
Getting the error of null when running Bash C Program +0.19
Is there a function that checks whether a sockaddr* named sptr poin... -0.77
Error loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file :: o... 0.00
How to write a custom Comparator for TreeMap in Java? -0.27
Background execvp : how to do it properly? 0.00
Regex - CSV email addresses ok, but how to prevent ending with comma? +0.23
Why the implicit make rule is not working? -1.17
address-of (&) and indirection (*) in C -0.05
/proc/<pid>/map shows more shared library than ldd for busybox +3.32
Decode base64 strings into hex strings in a file and overwrite -0.04
who call tty_open() in linux kernel? -0.34
Why stack grows by 16 bytes in this disassembly, when I only have o... -0.31
Swap number digit order by separate a number into arrays and then m... -0.35
Locate an edge in the array of edges -0.79
Set up my makefile to compile C with just "make" +0.31
How to portably write double data type to file in C +0.91
What is the meaning of this function? Is it ok that it has two retu... -0.61
C Signal timer for task switching -0.83
How do MAC addresses found in Ethernet packets relate to the TCP/IP... 0.00
How to dynamically align a variable of a struct? +0.72
Two processes in C reading from the same file problem +0.15
Bison says that start symbol does not derive any sentence -0.54
Can more than seven arguments be passed to system call in arm linux? 0.00
How to install header files (for C) into my main directory? 0.00
Does X11 have a lifesign or constant stream? -1.25
Problems about check a integer is zero or negative with only operat... 0.00
Spaces in caesar cipher in C -0.26
Receiving SIGINT and exception Handles in Linux +2.00
Minimal size for mmap 0.00
read() hangs on zombie process -0.91
Why does sendto() return 'Invalid argument'? +0.20
Why does this "read file" function I've created in C... 0.00
Is this C multithreaded tcp server correct? +1.10
Regex to match user and user@domain -0.52
Turning a word into *** symbols -0.52
Robust Check Against Base64 Decode 0.00