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Luis Colorado

1349.38 (4,359,693rd)
4,375 (38,055th)
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Title Δ
Is there a function that can append to the front of a string withou... 0.00
Column-Packed RowColumn Class for Motif Library (C)? 0.00
Write to file descriptor and immediately read from it 0.00
Horizontally-Drawn RowColumn Class for Motif Library (C)? 0.00
Why is this double type variable default to int when passed as a fu... 0.00
Sending exec output from function to main method 0.00
Allocating an integer array dynamically with 1 billion elements in C 0.00
Simple fork() program +3.11
K&R Chapter 1.5.4: "How would you test the word count prog... +2.91
Flex - identfiy float/ int/ id tokens 0.00
C function returning a string +0.14
Fprintf in C is used but when I check the file is empty 0.00
Can I clean up multiple child processes with the same parent using... -0.21
Is there objective reason against using braces even where not neces... -0.99
C Lang: Quick sorting 5 elements but doesn't sort 10 elements 0.00
How can I mask the warning from makecontext if the function passed... 0.00
How do I print the contents of an array of strings? +0.21
how to take a variable number of arguments of any type and prints e... 0.00
C++ Creating Objects as Static - advice needed on good practice +0.21
fork(),wait() and exit() functionalities in processes -0.27
How to not propagate environmental variables to command of a child... -0.43
CS50 Problem Set 1 (Credit) 2020 help needed -0.28
Rounding IEEE floating point numbers 0.00
Search for all .c and .cpp files and compiling them in one makefile -0.65
POSIX Shared memory vs Dynamic Link Libraries/objects in C 0.00
Search for matching parenthesis -1.04
How does `Tcl_Free()` differ from `free()`? -0.67
Execute binary file inside C code (No system()) +3.12
What is wrong with how I'm dynamically allocating space for thi... -0.38
How to write a recursive function to search for a key in a binary t... -0.16
What happens when fork() in a condition? -0.30
Parellel processes using fork() with command line parameters in C +0.23
Runtime error in line 25: Char 35: runtime error: member access wit... 0.00
Why does the one definition rule exist in C/C++ +0.43
How to retrieve function pointer from inside function in C? -0.10
Can argv be changed at runtime (not by the app itself) -0.75
Weird dumpcore error while executing my program (C) +3.06
Can not connect to localhost while creating own web server 0.00
How is text segment made read-only? -0.41
How to edit ELF by adding custom sections and symbols 0.00
Executing next else statement after some counting +1.67
fgets returns null on non empty file +3.37
#define statement for address of memory -1.62
How does the int to float cast work for large numbers? -0.72
Clarifying how GNU C Library defines nonreentrant functions 0.00
How does the increment operator work with an array? -0.39
Counting whitespaces -argc/argv in C +0.71
Which way of calculating the size of a sockaddr_un structure is cor... 0.00
Why an error when ORing switch case values? -0.72
chars are not getting copied properly +0.66