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Luis Colorado

1336.68 (4,409,295th)
4,375 (38,070th)
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Title Δ
How do I add the NUMBERS in a string? (C) 0.00
compile error using malloc outside of main function 0.00
Create a custom lightdm greeter 0.00
"too many arguments for format" with macro 0.00
How do you add a cookie given after a post request in C? 0.00
text to Morse code translator works but prints (null) 0.00
How to get milliseconds passed since unix epoch in C without multip... 0.00
PowerShell -replace with multiple occurrences next to each other in... 0.00
How to limits value user input < INT_MAX in C 0.00
Read arbitrary number of characters from stdin until pressing enter... 0.00
Value changing when converting short to int in C 0.00
How to make a detached fork process? 0.00
Related powers in floating point 0.00
How to split string on '~|~' separator in Java? 0.00
Is it possible to use regular expressions to find a pattern which i... -0.04
How to use write() or fwrite() for writing data to terminal (stdout)? -0.05
Calculate the average bits of byte in C -0.77
What needs to be done to write interrupt handler on linux without a... 0.00
A Regex to ignore a set of words 0.00
The links to a file -0.72
Using FFTW3 C library to create basic equalizer 0.00
Why using char type as index for looping gives unexpected results? -0.28
How to print every second digit in C -0.29
C - Why variables created in a loop have the same memory address? -0.83
How to read from stdin without copying the last entered command? +0.72
c++ how does compiler get the length of argv strings -0.74
Else and If statements C +0.75
Is there any way to get the correct size of a string using sizeof f... -0.93
printf("%f",x) ok, printf("%F",x) error too man... +0.01
Using select() in thread does not react os host disconnection -0.27
Setting pointer type at compile time -0.29
Hashtable implementation in C and Java -0.36
How to randomize a place in array +0.21
malloc adjacent block of memory? +0.43
How to sort array of structs by descending order in C +1.09
Casting to unsigned without specifying a type -0.80
Credit card validation check in C programming +0.23
How to dump type hierarchy of a C/C++ compilation unit in LLVM +0.22
C - Printing null character using %c in nested printf statement -0.37
"stderr;" as a statement throws no warning -0.76
How to store the address of the variable without pointer +0.73
How is an int data stored on the memory in terms of bits? Is it not... -0.37
Can I have multiple POSIX FIFOs in a single process? -0.29
Problem with downloading data - vertices of square 0.00
Lost a row after saving excel as txt (check with wc -l) 0.00
Where in object file does the code of function "main" sta... -0.08
FILE *tmp = tmpfile() always generates NULL pointer in C? -0.71
Transferring a double from C++ to python without loss of precision -0.29
Counting the number of lines in a .txt file in c +0.97
Is it possible to have a shared global variable for inter-process c... +0.19