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Luis Colorado

1355.81 (4,191,362nd)
4,375 (38,034th)
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Title Δ
Why the signal handler doesn't process the signal 0.00
Generating load time serial number for PCB application 0.00
In C, why is my program stuck on wait() when trying to pipe multipl... 0.00
Can I call bind() and then connect() on same socket descriptor? 0.00
sendto takes much time 0.00
Increased performance when using a single socket 0.00
Stopping a function currently running from an interrupt handler 0.00
If I cast an array of T to an array of Q (being Q derived from T) d... 0.00
I/O error when trying to change serial baud in C program after chan... 0.00
Is access to the heap serialized? 0.00
C++ programming, dynamical memory is not working properly using mal... 0.00
I attempted to parse a string into different words, attempted to fr... 0.00
Issue with function memory allocation 0.00
Yacc, structure pointers in union 0.00
Left shift operator in C giving strange result 0.00
Strange stamp on gettimeofday() 0.00
Can't print pointer address in hexadecimal 0.00
`waitpid()' always returns -1 0.00
Parent gets EOF when child quits after getting an EOF? 0.00
how to find the median of a vector if the method is const? 0.00
Why is the time changing? 0.00
Is there some version of longjmp that can output long values? 0.00
Why qsort int array in descending order is incorrect? 0.00
How to measure the length of time-slices on os such as windows or l... 0.00
Get mouse click coordinates in OpenGL during animation? 0.00
Native library not found on android build? 0.00
How to properly fread & fwrite from & to a pipe 0.00
Need some explanation about malloc 0.00
Segmentation fault (core dump) but don't know how to fix it 0.00
Custom Regular Expression to Exclude List of Characters 0.00
Standard way of Serializing utf-8 characters in a JSON String 0.00
Handling SIGINT in a C program that uses syslog() on ARM causes the... 0.00
Start a loop with random value then cycle the whole range 0.00
Why does printing a character with %s gives segmentation fault? 0.00
Print a maze using only two characters 0.00
Is it safe to malloc on an allocated pointer in C? 0.00
How to properly write a function that adds two integers in C 0.00
Combining compound operators -0.55
Why does this code print lines and not single chars +0.38
Heart rate calculation from a waveform 0.00
invalid use of void expression in c printf +1.60
K & R C Variable Names -0.95
How to Get Names of Methods and Parameters from inside C File in Ja... +0.20
Why is my palindrome function not working? -0.43
Output from fork() in c -0.13
How to remap a file mmap(2)-ed in memory like shmget -0.80
Understanding memory allocations -1.14
ncurses' has_colors() returns false. What is the problem? 0.00
How to delete a specific string from an array of strings in C? -0.45
Embedding constant at specific memory location -0.41