An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Josiah Ruddell

1535.79 (14,136th)
25,792 (4,954th)
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Title Δ
will using git interfere with bixby IDE? +2.01
How can I see the console output from an assertion in Bixby story t... 0.00
Cannot access session cookies in Electron app 0.00
React Remote Console Logging -0.99
Electron, Closing "sub-window" from main window 0.00
How to add values for reverse duplicate columns in a csv file by py... +1.86
While loop is not running properly +0.21
jquery show and hide based on html5 data attributes +0.99
Render array in Jade -0.57
Strongly typed-views and shared views +0.72
Image in localstorage function doesn't work -1.70
Local STS to production -0.38
Javascript Rule of thumb for delay length while using setTimeout()... +0.45
dropdown is in middle of page, should open list according to position 0.00
IE object required error from xml loaded via AJAX 0.00
Using attributes that don't belong (HTML) +0.16
Check Key Exists in Array +1.08
jQuery Scroll Buttons that are limited by the amount of content 0.00
find value after nth occurence of - using RegEx +0.15
signalR web application with console examples -0.55
Show / Hide only Closest Elements +1.64
How do I get all spans created in my HTML page using jQuery -1.43
formatting json results 0.00
Remote or Local Data for JQuery Autocomplete of <200 Items Using... 0.00
AllowHtml in property allow my users to break page 0.00
Call a function from a string in JS -0.53
Accessing nested object literal object undefined? 0.00
Checking times with regular expressions -0.30
How to get the position of a span nested within a textarea 0.00
Display images on corners so images stay on the same place after re... -0.05
Trying to take user input and write to a file -0.05
$.post not running until all function calls are made +0.86
Is it possible to submit multiple forms in new windows? +0.45
find the top most div by checking z-index using jquery -0.69
Disable flash on a specific page/trick browser to load jquery alter... 0.00
Javascript height issue +2.14
Reference to two assemblies, each one with reference to the another... 0.00
Setting Value of Label Client Side 0.00
jQuery hover/click class +0.48
jQuery Plugin - 1 month calendar 0.00
How to convert HTML table to Javascript Object with jQuery +0.02
Hide an Unordered List on loss of focus with jquery -1.60
string.Split() and an if statement -0.33
How do I write a custom validator in MVC3 for US or Canada zip code... -0.16
Regex with Javascript to retrieve content from a loop -0.47
jquery validate - container doesn't hide when nonrequired regex val... -0.25
Cannot exclude element from string -0.55
Dynamically resize canvas window with javascript/jquery? 0.00
Selecting a div with jQuery based on multiple criteria found in chi... -1.37
History back hook on JavaScript -0.57