An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Andrey Shchekin

1527.52 (20,992nd)
12,177 (12,079th)
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Title Δ
In TypeScript, can I infer a mapped type from function overloads? 0.00
Check that the object has one property but not the other using toMa... +0.44
How do I use Mono WebAssembly to run a simple .NET method in browser? 0.00
Is there a standard way for a REST API to request that 201 Created... 0.00
In Roslyn, how do I get Document information from SymbolFinder.Find... 0.00
Where to place init code with Angular 1? -2.05
Create a consistant GUID or unique identifier from a string -2.06
Why is the following flexbox sizing weirdly (in Chrome 40)? 0.00
Visual Studio SDK Breakpoint2.BreakWhenHit = true throws exception... 0.00
How do I properly support colons (':') in URLs (WebApi with... +0.45
Using NuGet.exe to install/update content-only package without a pr... 0.00
Entity Framework: Running code before all migrations +0.11
How to make a syntax manipulator? -0.54
Hide fragment identifiers from the url 0.00
Select multiple words in text box like block selection 0.00
Design for an expensive custom event with jQuery? +0.67
Get field values from class within class +0.44
How to use Dependency Injection when developing Stored Procedures? 0.00
Can you still affect the state of an element with display: none? +0.90
Wait for an unknown number of tasks, then block any new ones 0.00
Turn CLR Exception trapping on and off easily in Visual Studio 2013? 0.00
In Chrome, the form is not submitted with two fields -0.18
Get name of instance of a class within the class -0.30
How do I vertically fill a container with uppercase text using JS/C... -0.17
Stream not writing on a file +0.20
Do something to array elements with exception of one -0.74
Operators and valueOf with ES6 proxies (Firefox) 0.00
Get path to npm module folder (with no main) 0.00
Avoid Using Class don't Support Serializable +0.62
how to repeat same Javascript code over multiple html elements -0.22
Make a function wait for another variable +1.85
Encapsulation C# newbie +0.83
Is there a way to override all css rules applying to <a> tag -0.24
An extension that adds '#top' to the URL 0.00
Castle Windsor lifestyle depending on constructor parameters +0.46
How to Assert Dictionaries in Unit Testing -0.05
Complex regex or string parse -2.22
The DateTime represented by the string is not supported in calendar... 0.00
What is this delegate method doing? -1.32
Second argument in JSON.stringify in JavaScript +1.77
How can i change hashtag color on textarea by jquery -0.16
Interfaces, business logic and global.asax with Autofac 0.00
Multi-tenant application with MVC 3 and DI 0.00
Check if node exist in document with XSLT -1.59
Why the XUnit attributs aren't recognised? 0.00
How to correctly order files based on the filename +0.46
Autofac Func Resolution +1.68
Will jQuery escape my quotes properly? +0.31
Simple Javascript program: Uncaught ReferenceError: x is not defined +1.76
robot clean room and return c# [looking for the design approch] 0.00