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Rating Stats for

Tony Veijalainen

1376.12 (4,409,269th)
4,075 (40,976th)
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Title Δ
Print syntax error, python 2.7.6 -0.39
finding the index of the min element in a list & getting elemen... -0.35
Exec a shell command in Go -0.33
how to get a complete exception stack trace in python -0.80
convert string to datetime in python +0.14
How can I access relative paths in Python 2.7 when imported by diff... 0.00
Better algorithm to riffle shuffle (or interleave) multiple lists o... +0.08
Python integer testing -0.06
python 'matrix' problem -1.25
Finding All Possible Combinations of Letters using an API and Python +2.57
How to delete a line in file1 that appeared once or multiple times... +1.07
Scheme to Python: most elegant translation of a recursive procedure? -0.76
500 internal server error when importing a python module in wsgi +0.65
Python "map or" on elements in list +1.45
Python: Test if an argument is an integer +0.61
Splitting a string into a list in python -0.65
python try multiple statements with same possible error -0.69
Using a regular expression to replace upper case repeated letters i... -0.49
How to find collocations in text, python -0.29
Calculate "Solar Noon" using ephem, translating to local... -0.27
A more pythonic way to write this expression? -0.13
Is it ok to skip "return None"? -0.86
why doesn't (list1[-1]+=list2.pop(0))+=list2 work in Python? -0.37
Python: use regular expression to remove the white space from all l... -0.89
Eliminating duplicates - shall I use a set? -0.48
I have a nested list in which I need to compare values -0.22
Suggestions for writing this small piece of code more elegantly +1.51
Python: how to substitute and know whether it matched -0.74
How to pass empty argument to Popen (with shell=False)? -0.29
How to display all words that contain these characters? +0.08
Determine if a Python list is 95% the same? -0.40
Python Fibonacci Generator -0.45
Python if statement: False vs. 0.0 -0.04
Casting an int to a string in Python -0.22
Python if vs try-except -0.49
How can fractional number expressions be parsed using pyparsing? -1.14
How does this Python Lambda recursion expression work? +0.32
Check if value already exists within list of dictionaries? -0.37
Python nested loop with condition -1.39
python: quickest way to split a file into two files randomly -0.62
example function in Python: counting words -0.37
python: how to convert currency to decimal? -0.44
How to check that a regular expression has matched a string complet... -0.33
how quick read 25k small txt file content with python -0.11
How to replace repeated instances of a character with a single inst... -0.67
Is there a generator version of `string.split()` in Python? 0.00
Reversing dictionary by key doesn't work -0.34
Python: Replacing an element in a list of lists (#2) 0.00
How to map a tuple of data to a tuple of functions? -0.67
find largest power of two less than X number? -0.56