An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Dan Kreiger

1565.97 (4,514th)
3,442 (48,805th)
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Title Δ
Do I have to return state in a Redux Reducer? +0.40
How do you mock an argument being passed into wrapper.instance().me... 0.00
Textarea width is going out of bootstrap modal -0.12
Javascript in need of simplification - collapsible tabs -0.12
Replace a value at the end of a string converted to an array in one... +0.49
Custom Rounding numbers using nearby 0.05 0.00
Centering a div with dynamic width, containing cards -1.01
Axios: Send variable in the body of a POST request and not params 0.00
With React hooks how to update 2 hooks together, but use prevState... +1.88
How to define an on change listener for material-ui <CustomInput... 0.00
Top alignment issues in two nested tables -0.09
sort arrays in multidimensional array associative to the others +0.40
Close Gap between two divs using bootstrap 4 0.00
Angular 6 Build Error when i run "ng build --prod" 0.00
Vertical Heading ion left CSS Issue 0.00
css rotate background from middle to corner -1.63
Can't see bitcoin's icon in font awesome 5.0.8 +1.40
Animation with CSS / JQuery 0.00
Check which element was clicked 0.00
JavaScript - Find a word string out of strings in an array -0.34
CSS - Add padding only if another div is visible -0.07
Jquery/CSS Accordion 0.00
Autofocus Input Element on Modal Open Bootstrap 4 0.00
How can I move an form over image "carousel" (bootstrap)? 0.00
Overlay navbar, rather than push page contents, on expand -1.90
"Active" class not working in Bootstrap Navbar -0.08
How to do two-way data binding in React? 0.00
Nested checkboxes not working with more than one main option -2.14
jQuery UI / How to allow a sortable to receive but no to send items? 0.00
Calculate what percentage of a specific element has been scrolled i... +1.77
How to Pass multiple Image Src in Jquery -0.34
I'm getting an error when installing Ruby and RVM on the terminal -0.10
inline flex container width not growing +0.41
Responsive navbar based on w3 schools tutorial not opening using ja... +0.44
Rails simple format error when special character 0.00
Why won't my React accordion animation work? 0.00
Converting an array to hash in ruby -0.06
CSS3 column-count property is not working +0.74
.scroll() not working like it should -0.02
Regex Expression shouldn't start with numberic number -0.32
How do I get and display the count of each word from an object? -1.07
Ruby refinements gotchas 0.00
Keep failing test for Answer model -1.19
Buggy bootstrap 3 navbar dropdowns and collapse 0.00
Automatically launch command when cd into a choosen directory -0.58
Using font awesome in codepen +1.08
Count amount of times a value is represented -0.10
How to align cascaded div containers with Flexbox +2.06
set different input value when clicking on buttons +0.40
How to add a number to each image in a slider/gallery? 0.00