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Alex Riley

1713.96 (93rd)
92,593 (843rd)
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Title Δ
NumPy array loses dimension upon assignment/copy, why? +0.23
Is argmax working properly for an array of Strings? 0.00
Why is linear read-shuffled write not faster than shuffled read-lin... -0.75
J Install Error: Cannot Find "" 0.00
Is there an efficient method of checking whether a column has mixed... +1.18
Is the iteration protocol used when indexing a range object? +0.23
How does the Pandas deal with the situation when a column with type... 0.00
Julia - Increase the size of an array, inserting a value at the beg... 0.00
Inferring date format versus passing a parser +0.18
Pandas filtering for multiple substrings in series +1.97
in operator, float("NaN") and np.nan +1.10
Julia: Cannot append tuple to array 0.00
Datetime conversion - How to extract the inferred format? +0.74
Using more than 26 indices in tf.einsum? 0.00
Order of insertion in sets (when parsing {}) +0.56
Check if a numpy array is lexicographically sorted -0.37
Vectorized dataframe look-up +1.82
What does the "Base" keyword mean in Julia? +0.23
Expected lifetime of the mouse in this Markov chain model +0.22
Compute inverse of 2D arrays along the third axis in a 3D array wit... 0.00
Why can itertools.groupby group the NaNs in lists but not in numpy... +1.41
Pandas add values in the right time +1.11
In a for loop, when are the loop parameters evaluated? 0.00
Create column in a pandas DataFrame based on whether value exists i... 0.00
How to reverse a dictionary in Julia? +0.17
cumulative argmax of a numpy array +0.56
NumPy: fill fields surrounding a 1 in an array +1.23
Numpy array manipulation within range of columns and rows +1.49
Numpy matrix exponentiation gives negative value 0.00
Conditional length of a binary data series in Pandas +1.19
Using slicers on a multi-index +0.68
Domain name Whois: how to find contact information? 0.00
How to determine if a number is any type of int (core or numpy, sig... +0.80
Filtering DataFrame by finding exact word (not combined) in a colum... 0.00
Update selected columns in 2D numpy array with 1D array +1.45
Choice made by Python 3.5 to choose the keys when comparing them in... +0.72
logistic / sigmoid function implementation numerical precision +0.24
How to replace a value in a pandas dataframe with column name based... +0.98
pandas groupby and rolling_apply ignoring NaNs +0.22
Passing columns to rows on python pandas +1.07
Map a NumPy array of strings to integers +0.23
How to get a daterange of the 2nd Fridays of each month? +0.96
Cython: C-level int vs. PyLongObjects +1.27
Replacing string elements of a pandas DataFrame with integers 0.00
numpy boolean comparison between big arrays returns False instead o... 0.00
How to get row percentages with pandas crosstab in a three-way table? 0.00
Alternative to sum or prod for subtraction or division in pandas se... +0.95
How to speed-up the replacement of missing values for each groupby... +0.60
Let's make a reference implementation of N-dimensional pixel bi... +1.20
Groupby using column and index and then sum to create new column in... 0.00