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Alex Riley

1713.74 (84th)
87,768 (933rd)
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Title Δ
Why is linear read-shuffled write not faster than shuffled read-lin... -0.75
J Install Error: Cannot Find "" 0.00
Is there an efficient method of checking whether a column has mixed... +1.18
Is the iteration protocol used when indexing a range object? +0.23
How does the Pandas deal with the situation when a column with type... 0.00
Julia - Increase the size of an array, inserting a value at the beg... 0.00
Inferring date format versus passing a parser +0.18
Pandas filtering for multiple substrings in series +1.97
in operator, float("NaN") and np.nan +1.10
Julia: Cannot append tuple to array 0.00
Datetime conversion - How to extract the inferred format? +0.74
Using more than 26 indices in tf.einsum? 0.00
Order of insertion in sets (when parsing {}) +0.56
Check if a numpy array is lexicographically sorted -0.37
Vectorized dataframe look-up +1.82
What does the "Base" keyword mean in Julia? +0.23
Expected lifetime of the mouse in this Markov chain model +0.22
Compute inverse of 2D arrays along the third axis in a 3D array wit... 0.00
Why can itertools.groupby group the NaNs in lists but not in numpy... +1.41
Pandas add values in the right time +1.11
In a for loop, when are the loop parameters evaluated? 0.00
Create column in a pandas DataFrame based on whether value exists i... 0.00
How to reverse a dictionary in Julia? +0.17
cumulative argmax of a numpy array +0.56
NumPy: fill fields surrounding a 1 in an array +1.23
Numpy array manipulation within range of columns and rows +1.49
Numpy matrix exponentiation gives negative value 0.00
Conditional length of a binary data series in Pandas +1.19
Using slicers on a multi-index +0.68
Domain name Whois: how to find contact information? 0.00
How to determine if a number is any type of int (core or numpy, sig... +0.80
Filtering DataFrame by finding exact word (not combined) in a colum... 0.00
Update selected columns in 2D numpy array with 1D array +1.45
Choice made by Python 3.5 to choose the keys when comparing them in... +0.72
logistic / sigmoid function implementation numerical precision +0.24
How to replace a value in a pandas dataframe with column name based... +0.98
pandas groupby and rolling_apply ignoring NaNs +0.22
Passing columns to rows on python pandas +1.07
Map a NumPy array of strings to integers +0.23
How to get a daterange of the 2nd Fridays of each month? +0.96
Cython: C-level int vs. PyLongObjects +1.27
Replacing string elements of a pandas DataFrame with integers 0.00
numpy boolean comparison between big arrays returns False instead o... 0.00
How to get row percentages with pandas crosstab in a three-way table? 0.00
Alternative to sum or prod for subtraction or division in pandas se... +0.95
How to speed-up the replacement of missing values for each groupby... +0.60
Let's make a reference implementation of N-dimensional pixel bi... +1.20
Groupby using column and index and then sum to create new column in... 0.00
Why does numpy.broadcast "transpose" results of vstack an... 0.00
Counting differences from the consensus in each row via Pandas 0.00