An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1701.00 (146th)
52,831 (1,863rd)
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Title Δ
Php array delete in reverse +0.96
Decoding anagram with recursive function doesn't give expected... 0.00
how to get value from text file in php -0.76
Function decreases static variable step by step, but it should not.... -2.06
Haskell function definition and arguments list 0.00
Use array values as keys of another array +1.03
Fill up array with missing elements +0.76
Php script to Collect An Array of Nameservers From a Trimed Zone Fi... -0.30
How can I determine two numbers that are more close than others in... +0.54
Merge subArray values value by value from multidimensional array +0.39
Merge two arrays by adding their values -1.15
PHP - if single value equals multiple options +1.34
Count how many duplicate and unique values I have in my array -1.81
Targeted string replace in csv file php 0.00
PHP make array go back to 0 when reached last item -0.04
Shorted similar commands in PHP function +0.25
How does extends work in classes? +0.23
How can I use part of an array value as key for a new array? 0.00
How can I loop through the entire array starting from any position? +0.24
How to get the amount each line appears from a file? 0.00
Replace path and quotes with new url in file 0.00
How to count the number of matched characters? -0.78
Search key by value in multi dimensional array 0.00
How to get more random elements from an array, than the array has? +0.71
How to merge arrays by concatenating the values? -0.75
How do I get number from this format:,[[5,["95",1,"#... +2.12
Reconstructing PHP Array of Repeated Objects With New Value 0.00
how to parse the following php array -2.33
Preg_match to capture simple math problems 0.00
How to combine two arrays and repeat one of them until the length o... -0.75
how to add the comma in php result string 0.00
Formatting “version” array strings according to max len 0.00
Convert key/value string into associative array -0.78
Adding Data To PHP Array Values +0.28
PHP Combine Arrays For Foreach Loop 0.00
Preg_replace with brackets [ ] inside 0.00
How do I reorganize an array in PHP? -0.60
How can I evaluate a math expression containing constants? +1.16
How operator <=> compare the objects? +1.15
PHP catching mulitple type exceptions. Why does it behave this way? +0.24
Sum array values based on key intersection +0.46
getting data from database and arrangement like table -1.10
Convert text in specific format into real PHP code assignments 0.00
Can we pass an object as an argument in object call? 0.00
Put Values in Multidimensional Array keys -0.18
nth element in iterator -2.36
Mobile number regex not working as expected +0.21
How to find longest substring using Regular Expression in PHP -0.32
Show first 4 elements from one array and first 1 element from anoth... +0.21
How do I replace the string value in php in this case? +0.65