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Sam Varshavchik

1661.52 (409th)
64,840 (1,372nd)
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Title Δ
How do I initialize a constant global variable from a runtime argum... +0.27
Counting specials 0.00
Correct way to implement singleton with shared pointer? +0.28
Allowing User input to change function parameters C++ +1.05
How to apply templates to multiple `std::array`s? -1.50
Having problems reading the dimensions of matrix from text files, u... +0.28
Passing a variable to a constructor in c++ +0.47
Does std::make_shared value initialize class members whose default... +0.28
Debug Assertion fail using delete[] 0.00
Cin can't take input 0.00
Correctly passing an object to pthread_create() using void* -2.45
How do I use the scope resolution operator for a nested class insid... 0.00
Chaining signal handlers in ncurses 0.00
C++: In throwing/catching exceptions, when are the exception object... -2.34
How can I calculate the total pay for this assignment? -0.72
The proper way to increment my binary tree 0.00
For what reason would a function with void return type be constexpr? 0.00
C++ Pointing to a dynamically created memory +0.27
pipe second time stuck 0.00
Child not reading output from another child that put it in the pipe 0.00
linux pseudo terminal (open select read) 0.00
Taking union as a method parameter +0.27
Multiply defined symbols found in inl file -0.35
Pointer error when deleting duplicates in a Linked List 0.00
C++ question regarding multidimensional array -0.22
How could map::erase know if the interval is valid? +1.46
Why are my C++ binary built with -LTO so very large? 0.00
How find function work in set and map for string data type in cpp -0.35
Template type deduction in parameter and return type +1.38
Implementation of stack <array<string, 100>> 0.00
What's the right way to count the thread run time? 0.00
How to get single characters from unicode string and compare, print... -0.68
How does this statement check "T cannot be compared to nullptr... 0.00
deallocation order of the static member and detached thread itself 0.00
What's this syntax called? Is it standard C? Is it standard C++? 0.00
Heap allocation with valgrind -1.14
Template class with template constructor specialization for initial... +0.93
C++: Dynamic polymorphism for operators 0.00
How exactly cross platform libraries works for different machines -1.65
std::fill segmentation fault error when the array is large +1.56
Question about using auto for type inference of member function poi... +1.59
Creating a random string results in just duplicate strings c++ 0.00
how to print the contents of the vector to screen in c++ whose each... +0.04
Why are these pointers the same, while referring to different insta... -0.48
mmap() cannot allocate memory when repeatedly mapping and unmapping... +1.19
Cant seem to work a second for loop with a pointer for an array 0.00
How to bind reference to stack allocated class in class constructor? -0.53
Getting a bad_alloc in the while loop 0.00
Why do my objects get deconstructed twice after I add their unique_... -2.49
Why do I need to define a function in order to pass it to a templat... -0.50