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Sam Varshavchik

1654.89 (486th)
64,840 (1,372nd)
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Title Δ
What is causing my C++ cat function to give a "Bad Address&quo... 0.00
Program with bound method is built but fails to launch 0.00
Linking error in GMP when trying to generate prime numbers in C++ 0.00
Having a problem with Field validation in Ncurses form 0.00
std::function as a friend of the class 0.00
Templated typedef structs with constructor in C++ 0.00
segment fault when passing right reference for literal in labmda wi... 0.00
Feeding in data from a file to a dynamically allocated array in C++ 0.00
I can't reproduce the function memoization from Functional Prog... 0.00
Rvalue and Move Semantics with Unique Pointer: error for object 0x7... 0.00
Why will my multi-threaded port scanner not detect open ports past... 0.00
When signal handler is not called when segment fault occurs? 0.00
Exception: wrong output 0.00
Why universal reference have to use template for the member functio... 0.00
c++ is it valid to access members of static/global object before it... 0.00
Segmentation Fault (SIGSEGV) in Geeks for Geeks problem 0.00
C++ private char* member allocation failure 'Expression must be... 0.00
Vector<unsinged char> Transformation to String and Back 0.00
Why in C++11 or C++14 does the compiler implicitly delete the copy... 0.00
In a C++ range-based for loop, can begin() return a reference to a... 0.00
c++: array of pointers 0.00
Wrong sign conversion when converting IPv4 address to std::array of... 0.00
memory leak while using ssh_channel_open_session in an array 0.00
c++ shared_ptr<map<int, int>> initialized with differen... 0.00
static variables don't work across .so files 0.00
Are the values stored in std::pair<> by reference or by value? 0.00
Makefile doesn't check for updates in header file 0.00
Visibility of a variable across threads in c++ 0.00
Is a potentially-throwing function signal-safe? 0.00
Why does my program not check the value of a bitfield member even t... 0.00
How ccache improves building speed? 0.00
Efficient way to find accumulated unique element count at each inde... 0.00
pointers to member functions with move semantics 0.00
Segmentation Fault in memcpy operation of a struct 0.00
condition_vairable::wait_for() question using Stroustrup example 0.00
Is there a way to put a vector into a pair in brackets 0.00
Segmentation error in simple inheritance related code 0.00
OpenSSL occasionally printing random garbage 0.00
C++ Trying to pass Class to Constructor of Another Class 0.00
segmentation fault while freeing pointer 0.00
Fetching from std::queue is CPU intensive in a multithreaded enviro... 0.00
C++. std::condition_variable and multiple wait-threads 0.00
Priority Queue Call Simulation C++ 0.00
std::enable_if is generating error when used on functions of same n... 0.00
Segmentation Fault when assigning value to a pointer C++ 0.00
How do I select specific characters inside strings? 0.00
Are std::unique_ptr assignments and reading thread safe with respec... 0.00
how to erase a thread after joined it? 0.00
Cout empty when there are two getline? 0.00
What decides where on the heap memory is allocated? 0.00