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Sam Varshavchik

1647.21 (570th)
64,840 (1,372nd)
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Title Δ
Can't get variables to interact with one another (C++) 0.00
Locking a Hash Map when Rehashing 0.00
Destructor call for a vector in c++ 0.00
libCURL: Crash on Uploading Data (Qt, SMTP) 0.00
Base-class pointer pointing to a derived class cannot access derive... -1.34
seeking clarification on constexpr function 0.00
What am I doing wrong here with find and string? +0.28
How to send mail using socket C++ 0.00
Understanding the Order of Execution of Recursive Functions +0.86
Why is my class node overwriting itself instead of making a new nod... +1.75
why does reading an array in parallel cause memory leaks? 0.00
(C++) IF Statements seem to simply be not working 0.00
How to convert binary to decimal? (In a very simple way) 0.00
Need to call method on member before calling base class 0.00
Placement New on already existing object in SharedMemory 0.00
How to write a fast code in C++ compared to numpy.logspace() functi... -2.71
How does shmget allocate memory? Cannot access with linear addressi... 0.00
Passing the derived class constructor parameter to a protected member 0.00
What is the error in this bubble sort code? 0.00
How can an openssl client trust a self signed certificate for a ser... 0.00
Recursive descent parser that counts the number of 'a' and... 0.00
How to fix "segmentation fault (core dumped)" error when... 0.00
Why C++ try/catch does not catch the "pure virtual call"... 0.00
Can't write string on file C++ +0.30
Particular producer-consumer scenario +1.53
How to use OpenSSL library without socket management? 0.00
How to let a set in C++ filter out the different pointers pointing... 0.00
Concrete template body which is there in dll and called in client 0.00
Accessing a nested element inside a range_expression returns incomp... 0.00
C++ Default Copy Constructor Not Viable 0.00
WSAPoll changing data in FDSET and returning an error due to WSAENO... 0.00
static_cast on class with conversion operator +0.30
binary '=': no operator found which takes a left-hand opera... 0.00
How to create a template class with a constructor (with parameters)... 0.00
Why is there a "no matching call for function" error poin... 0.00
Optimized clang handling overflow 0.00
Why is parallel version slower? 0.00
std::copy behavior and pointer arithmetic +1.73
Separate implementation of a partially specialized template 0.00
C++ - namespace via macro definition - how to use it in header +1.99
template method "=0" in the parameter list 0.00
"attempting to reference a deleted function" for copy con... -2.64
Iteration over a vector of objects whose copy constructor has been... 0.00
this->field vs. this.field in C++ +0.53
Overloading = operator and Name Hiding 0.00
How do i get a function pointer to a friend function defined inside... 0.00
Initialize array inside variadic template class -1.52
Wierd problem with fstream. Cannot store objects with member variab... +0.30
Useless call std::move with std::vector::at 0.00
Two template classes use each other as template argument 0.00