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Sam Varshavchik

1647.48 (583rd)
64,840 (1,372nd)
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Title Δ
how to make argument deduction work for derived class which using b... 0.00
C++ Passing a class method as function pointer 0.00
Makefile, modify command based on the OS 0.00
Calling overloaded function from within another function with paren... 0.00
why is it faster to resize a pointer to a vector* (in an array of v... 0.00
I'm adding a "templated non-member function" to a .h... 0.00
C++ use std::enable_if to create std::tuple specialisations up to 1... 0.00
How to prevent a temporary on the left hand side of the assignment... -0.15
Vector with reference +0.30
Is new T() equivalent to `mem = operator new(sizeof(T)); new(mem)T`? -2.18
Can't start C++ std::thread with callable as argument 0.00
How can I make the constructor of a class access an overloaded func... 0.00
Object resets when passed in c++ 0.00
Why does the last character double when I erase other characters, a... +0.30
Storage layout of polymorphic objects according to C++ standard 0.00
Implicit type conversion for user-defined type +1.48
Am I creating an object correctly in the header file? +0.30
How can I deduce a template parameter type in C++11? +1.58
Why does a unordered_set with a custom hash function and custom cla... -0.20
How to use a structure as a key in a map 0.00
Problems overriding less operator for unique items of a set +1.47
C++ equivalence to Java's anonymous class -2.66
C++ result of operator= changing after return *this +2.63
Template cast to super class +0.30
how select multiple elements from a tuple by several types in C++? 0.00
Return Value Optimization: Explicit move or implicit? +1.85
C++ transform parameter initialization question -0.76
Member function template to call a funcion on a data member with ar... -2.29
Using for range variable as function argument while looping through... 0.00
Map count really counts or just checks existence +0.31
Ambiguous reference to template class (C++) 0.00
Modern approach to making std::vector allocate aligned memory 0.00
Why am I getting the Segmentation fault (core dumped) error in my p... 0.00
Calculate PI up to 42 decimal places -0.17
Infer the (templated) return type of operator+ and other operators 0.00
Compilation Error in C++: undefined reference to `main' collect... 0.00
How is this C++ code snippet able to turn an arbitrary type into a... +1.35
Can std::map move contained elements? 0.00
Why do we have different effect when setting pointer=nullpointer an... 0.00
Declare a pointer in a class but initialize in another thread 0.00
c++ template implement loop with recursion 0.00
std::function<void()> accepting parameters 0.00
How to re-assign number values to a character array efficiently in... 0.00
could not convert <string> from ‘const char []’ to <class... +1.46
simple code outputting cell values gives a runtime SIGABRT error in... 0.00
What is the correct way to iterate backward through an std::array o... -0.20
Constructor of classes with templates 0.00
How to include functions with auto return type from header file int... 0.00
How to correctly epoll for ncurses 0.00
How to maximize SSD I/O in C++? +1.41