An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1585.16 (2,570th)
14,538 (9,740th)
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Title Δ
Time complexity to find 7th smallest element in a min heap? +2.17
Given a number compute its fibonacci-ish series 0.00
What is meant by the set of all possible configuration in a given g... 0.00
Find minimum weighted set 0.00
Number Of Ways To Traverse a Binary Tree +1.85
Generate random size-k subset from size-N (probability-weighted) set -0.63
How to find the n-th word in a file (Linux Shell) -0.37
How can I formulate 8-Puzzle for SA algorithm? 0.00
Shortest path in maze allowing to go through a limited number of wa... 0.00
C dynamic memory / C string +1.52
How to stop a running R command in linux other than ctrl+c? -0.58
Cube root modulo P -- how do I do this? 0.00
How can I find a safe sequence while using the Banker's algorithm f... 0.00
SQL statement problem with count +0.05
Dist(B)+ Dist(A-B) 0.00
Implementing the Bentley-Ottmann algorithm 0.00
create automata while parsing the regular expression -0.23
search for "servers" and shortist path +0.39
Iterative Closest Point Implementation 0.00
Color schemes in R? +0.72
Projecting points from 4d-space into 3d-space in Mathematica +1.51
Element-wise mean in R -0.58
How to rotate a matrix 90 degrees without using any extra space? +0.52
Mergesort - std::bad_alloc thrown when trying to assign vector 0.00
How to remove cycles or loops in graphs in visual basic? +0.39
Which algorithm will be required to do this? +0.23
What are the advantages of scheme macros? +1.97
infinite loop in functional programming? -1.45
Deleting char array returned by getenv() +0.39
Are makefiles Turing complete? +1.29
Distribute points on a circle as evenly as possible +0.14
Converting ruby array to array of consecutive pairs +0.39
what C++ map mean? -0.46
How to detect header changes in make dependency list +0.38
Extracting n rows of text from a large csv file -0.02
What is "Modern Perl"? +1.82
Implementing Micro Manual LISP -0.83
Algorithm: What is the fastest way to check for set inclusion? -0.00
Operator precedence 'pow' and 'root' +0.06
How are cookies passed in the HTTP protocol? +0.99
Bounded Knapsack Problem set-up. Want: a list of all possible packi... 0.00
Scale a list of numbers from -1.0 to 1.0 +0.40
mysql: or/and question -0.03
Minimal cyclic shift algorithm explanation 0.00
Need a way to pick a common bit in two bitmasks at random +0.71
x-y = x+¬y+1 problem -0.16
What is :: (double colon) in Python? +0.97
Overlapping polygons on 2D plane +0.40
Simplified concave-hulls +0.33
macros - complex formula 0.00