An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1551.00 (7,652nd)
12,174 (12,085th)
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Title Δ
SQL Server convert a table column values to names and assign 0 to t... -0.05
How to print line by date range update +0.41
pandas dataframe - add row comment +0.41
Remove values from my XML in Sql Query Results 0.00
MySQL - Find rows that have same column but match certain ids -0.16
selecting duplicate values with a condition from a mysql table +1.50
Having trouble parsing some xml -1.76
SQL Ordering Results from Other Query -1.75
Turn a category into a column in SQL Server 0.00
MySQL query with left join, count and group with 3 tables +0.94
SQL Server Arithmetic overflow error converting expression to data... +2.10
Edit XML from SQL, insert in for-loop issue +1.71
Stored procedure return conversion error when there should be no co... +0.97
INSERT INTO syntax error 0.00
How to use query where using CASE in oracle -0.62
Is it possible to replace an entire node with SQL DML? 0.00
Consolidating two tables in SQL using merge -1.92
Display count of all no and yes in group by table name 0.00
SQL Count multiple columns -1.11
Row and column total in dynamic pivot -2.31
SQL Select data based on the group of the product +2.05
Concatenating Value in Update +0.39
Update autoincrement field to highest value + 1 +0.43
I would like to find the difference of each row, from the first row... 0.00
SQL Server window function for running percentage -1.13
SQL update to partially synchronise two columns in two different ta... 0.00
MySQL - Select and DISCARD by COLUMN -0.07
SQL XML column - update child node value based on other nodes 0.00
Convert month number int full month name 0.00
Sum of a subquery? +0.44
Divide one column into multiple in a new table 0.00
Date between condition on epoch time in SQL Server 0.00
mysql query not returning all results when using case 0.00
Only get lastest Date time in SQL Server +0.43
Using MAX within INNER JOIN - SQL -0.21
Create conditional for COUNT 0.00
can someone explain purpose of "Select view_edit FROM tbl WHER... 0.00
A single query to count the number of distinct rows in one table an... 0.00
SQlite delete inner join +0.42
inserting data sequentially into a single column -0.09
MySql -sorting results- AND issue +0.43
MySql select a sum of the max values -0.07
Select with UNION ALL to display tablename as an additional column +1.82
Allowing additional data to be added after a join with blank rows 0.00
Sqlite , how select data after "case when" -0.23
Sqlite - group_concat into columns? 0.00
SQL update issue - Update single value multiple times -0.26
SQL pivot with values calculated previously rather than using aggre... 0.00
SQL Server Check String for Spaces, Special Characters, and Charcters -0.19
How to put results of two queries in same table 0.00