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Rating Stats for

Piotr Skotnicki

1703.08 (130th)
35,389 (3,256th)
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Title Δ
Compile error when using std::variant with gmock 1.8 object 0.00
template specialization with struct in c++14 0.00
Why can't a template reference type be used as a template typea... 0.00
Class Template Specialization for one Function +1.18
The expression contained an invalid collating element name -0.26
Return conditional `range_expression` 0.00
cppitertools: How to combine iter::enumerate and iter::filter? 0.00
How to iterate over the types of std::variant? -2.78
How to make a template function enabled if one of variant's typ... +1.17
How to use source_location in a variadic template function? +1.09
How to make SFINAE work to choose template method inherited through... 0.00
'Attempt to dereference a past-the-end iterator' when sorti... 0.00
Generic `Is_enabled` SFINAE structure 0.00
How to filter duplicate types from tuple C++ 0.00
How can a recover the non-typename template argument from each type... +1.15
C++ / variadic template & parameter pack using decltype(lambda) 0.00
Problem with calling a variadic function template when passing brac... +1.06
How to properly implement a function with variadic number of std::s... -0.16
Implement select_on_container_copy_construction() for STL Allocator 0.00
Static cast to a class from a limited set of classes +1.12
Construct std::array and initialize element objects via code +2.32
Use sizeof with incomplete type inside std::conditional -1.66
std::chrono::duration::max() doesn't work with thread support l... 0.00
C++ class with nested expression templates 0.00
Templates inferring type T from return type 0.00
Deleted Function in std::pair when using a unique_ptr inside a map 0.00
Operator overloading in variadic template inheritance +1.14
c++ add data to a std::vector containing a std::tuple 0.00
Is there a way to pass a `constexpr` value into lambda so that it r... +1.16
Perfect forwarding in constructors (C++17) -0.91
Wrapping non type template constants to avoid mixing parameters of... +1.96
std::hash no type named "hash_policy" when running ska::f... 0.00
Comparing two type_info from typeid() operator 0.00
C++, pass two parameter packs to constructor 0.00
StateMachine with std::variant, getting the custom template deducti... 0.00
Type of variables in structured binding 0.00
unpacking values of an array as parameters to a variadic function +1.19
Overload Eigen::MatrixBase<T> 0.00
Templates linker error: Undefined symbols (linker error), but every... 0.00
C++11 compatible Linear Allocator Implementation 0.00
How does the compiler know whether to use a member operator overloa... 0.00
c++17 Ambiguity when compare string_view with string +2.10
c++ how to define a std::result_of<F(R)> that can handle R is... 0.00
Iteratively check function presence at compile time +0.25
std::optional::value_or() - lazy argument evaluation +1.28
access a templatized nested class function and object in another cl... 0.00
Breadth First Search fails to find destination that does exist 0.00
STL algorithm name resolvable or undefined based on template argume... 0.00
How to capture variable inside lambda +0.16
Converting aggregate initialization of a struct containing a CONST... 0.00