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Rating Stats for

Piotr Skotnicki

1713.85 (94th)
35,389 (3,259th)
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Title Δ
Conditional class member based on template +0.90
Partial template specialization for template class like std::function 0.00
C++ How to make converting from iterator to const_iterator for own... +1.44
Template base class implementation a default implementation 0.00
Template argument deduction inconsistent +0.23
MSVC fails to compile SFINAE checks 0.00
Why does "weak.lock()" return "nullptr" with th... +1.10
c++ template with "infinite" arguments 0.00
How to sort std::set of indices according to the vector of sorted i... 0.00
How to statically assert if enumeration constant is defined? +0.23
C++ type constraint using stream I/O fails if prototype is local 0.00
Call template function for each argument of variardic template 0.00
Qt QTreeview currentChange is not emitted 0.00
Stop compiler to suggest candidates for overloaded template, expand... 0.00
C++20 - Call function declared as auto in template 0.00
Cannot format argument from within spdlog 0.00
alias template is not a class template? 0.00
Variadic template as first arguments +0.22
Generically taking linear combinations of indexibles/callables 0.00
compile time indexer for enum classes 0.00
Extending/specializing `template<typename T>zero()` to invoca... 0.00
Receive any iterable container -3.06
C++ partial template specialization issue +1.67
Could somebody explain the functions of a member function with the... 0.00
loop parameter pack lambda 0.00
error: cannot pass object of non-trivial type 'std::string'... 0.00
Boost bimap fails to compile with gcc 10, c++20. Looking for tempor... 0.00
Appending map that uses Struct as a "multikey" and std::v... 0.00
Boost bind and 'result_type': is not a member, c++03-friendly 0.00
Constexpr Variadic Template to reorder unsigned integers 0.00
Select member type of class template based on template type? +1.43
RcppParallel worker with additional arguments 0.00
C++ SFINAE for group of methods and decorators 0.00
Make template function select type by function parameter +1.18
Deduction Guide for a template template parameter 0.00
How to properly invoke a function object within a class template... 0.00
C++ Template specialization for constant variables +0.25
C++ template instance as function parameter and lambda binary predi... 0.00
Template metaprogramming to match function signature exactly -1.24
Variant with unique types +2.34
Avoiding Template operator overload collisions for float and non fl... +1.10
Utilizing the <filesystem> library; visualStudios +1.14
How implement SFINAE limited to few types, using template parameter... -1.52
Concept for a function returning a templated entity -1.01
Boost variant with custom type failing when using custom visitor (d... 0.00
C++ Concepts - Concept in the requires parenthesis causes 2 conflic... 0.00
function pointer to overloaded static member - to use as custom del... 0.00
Forwarding intializer list / aggregate inialization to std::array m... 0.00
Using templates to set whether class members are const +0.37
Can't get an equivalent to std::less to work for nested iterators 0.00