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Rating Stats for

Piotr Skotnicki

1702.28 (135th)
35,389 (3,256th)
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Title Δ
c++14: Templated boost static visitor 0.00
How to have lambda as member function's parameter of the templa... 0.00
"Inverse SFINAE" to avoid ambiguous overload -0.80
Compile error when using std::variant with gmock 1.8 object 0.00
template specialization with struct in c++14 0.00
Why can't a template reference type be used as a template typea... 0.00
Class Template Specialization for one Function +1.18
The expression contained an invalid collating element name -0.26
Return conditional `range_expression` 0.00
cppitertools: How to combine iter::enumerate and iter::filter? 0.00
How to iterate over the types of std::variant? -2.78
How to make a template function enabled if one of variant's typ... +1.17
How to use source_location in a variadic template function? +1.09
How to make SFINAE work to choose template method inherited through... 0.00
'Attempt to dereference a past-the-end iterator' when sorti... 0.00
Generic `Is_enabled` SFINAE structure 0.00
How to filter duplicate types from tuple C++ 0.00
How can a recover the non-typename template argument from each type... +1.15
C++ / variadic template & parameter pack using decltype(lambda) 0.00
Problem with calling a variadic function template when passing brac... +1.06
How to properly implement a function with variadic number of std::s... -0.16
Implement select_on_container_copy_construction() for STL Allocator 0.00
Static cast to a class from a limited set of classes +1.12
Construct std::array and initialize element objects via code +2.32
Use sizeof with incomplete type inside std::conditional -1.66
std::chrono::duration::max() doesn't work with thread support l... 0.00
C++ class with nested expression templates 0.00
Templates inferring type T from return type 0.00
Deleted Function in std::pair when using a unique_ptr inside a map 0.00
Operator overloading in variadic template inheritance +1.14
c++ add data to a std::vector containing a std::tuple 0.00
Is there a way to pass a `constexpr` value into lambda so that it r... +1.16
Perfect forwarding in constructors (C++17) -0.91
Wrapping non type template constants to avoid mixing parameters of... +1.96
std::hash no type named "hash_policy" when running ska::f... 0.00
Comparing two type_info from typeid() operator 0.00
C++, pass two parameter packs to constructor 0.00
StateMachine with std::variant, getting the custom template deducti... 0.00
Type of variables in structured binding 0.00
unpacking values of an array as parameters to a variadic function +1.19
Overload Eigen::MatrixBase<T> 0.00
Templates linker error: Undefined symbols (linker error), but every... 0.00
C++11 compatible Linear Allocator Implementation 0.00
How does the compiler know whether to use a member operator overloa... 0.00
c++17 Ambiguity when compare string_view with string +2.10
c++ how to define a std::result_of<F(R)> that can handle R is... 0.00
Iteratively check function presence at compile time +0.25
std::optional::value_or() - lazy argument evaluation +1.28
access a templatized nested class function and object in another cl... 0.00
Breadth First Search fails to find destination that does exist 0.00