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Ronak Shah

1624.06 (999th)
80,694 (1,021st)
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Title Δ
Remove text before an array of subtexts -1.55
Difference between tibbles and data frames when using selfwritten f... 0.00
Create multiple columns based on the same condition 0.00
Programming with dplyr: Renaming a column with variable using glue... -2.29
How to unpack particular list elements into dataframes in R? +1.45
Creating two columns of cumulative sum based on the categories of o... +1.39
Create new variable based on stratified cut-offs using ifelse funct... 0.00
Is there a simple way to change multiple names to one single name i... 0.00
Move characters from beginning of column name to end of column name... -0.47
resource efficient join and filter method -0.17
How to create multiple indicator variables with for loop in R? 0.00
How to pair all columns once with no repeats in R? +1.46
Use apply to create a list of adjacency matrices from dataframe in R 0.00
R Shiny multiple event reactive to build a ggplot -0.69
reorder stacked bar chart with two levels ggplot2 +1.21
How to drop remove rows from tibble based on multiple column values... 0.00
If column contains string A and string B, then enter a value for th... 0.00
How to sort each column of a df in descending order regarless of th... 0.00
Change date format in R Shiny daterangeinput 0.00
R programming, I need to find the expected amount of draws it takes... -0.17
Row-wise Fisher Exact Test, grouped by samples in R 0.00
How to write the code to test if three rows of a dataset can be the... -0.68
Recode a numeric variable with many values including NAs 0.00
Use of dplyr slice_min within a function to obtain row associated w... 0.00
From cross correlation to column format in R +1.34
How to get x days after certain condition in R +0.86
Simple plotly histogram of monthly frequencies in R 0.00
How to drop rows with conditions in R -0.45
Can I create a tibble with 1 row and 11 columns in R from a data fr... +0.33
Row standardize a Sparse Matrix 0.00
How to detect positions of a character in string using dplyr 0.00
Avoid repeating as_tibble() in dplyr +1.47
Vector of repeated index values +1.49
Assigning function argument to column name 0.00
How to do some operation in the elements of a vector with previous... +1.34
Creating variables with identifiers from a character vector 0.00
Unexpected output from map of list column 0.00
combine two looping structures to obtain a matrix output +1.51
Multiplying column means for groups by column mean for the entire d... +0.04
Using purrr::map to rename based on a pattern -2.81
R: attempt to use zero-length variable name in 0.00
Replacing column headers with matched variables from another datafr... +0.33
Extracting p-values from a large list of lm +1.49
Difference between replace_NaN and replace_Na show unexpected outcome 0.00
A for loop and a sub for loop, store data 0.00
R function to convert character statements to numeric in alphabetic... +0.33
Warning: Error in dataTableOutput: unused argument (height = "... 0.00
Running a function on non empty cells 0.00
storing multiple AUC's and CI's in R pROC 0.00
Replace values with blanks in R -0.63