An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1713.20 (98th)
67,307 (1,302nd)
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Title Δ
Count number of leaves in a tree - Failed edge case? 0.00
How to match a "something":"thestring" pattern? +0.24
Mongo query syntax error +0.22
Why am I not getting all my regex captures? 0.00
validate decimal with decimal separator and thousand separator +0.23
Regex Expression to match currency numeric range -1.59
Online/streaming MD5 algorithm? -1.18
#1139 - Got error 'repetition-operator operand invalid' from regexp +0.21
problems with RSA decryption formula +0.22
Regex for Discover credit card +0.87
Difference between RegExp constructor and Regex literal test functi... +0.52
Merge 2 dictionaries in Python +1.42
Only checking first record, instead of all -0.28
Php no attributes needed? 0.00
Regex validation quick fix most likely +0.70
Triple DES encryption on C# and PHP yields different results 0.00
Are 40-bit integers represented exactly in JavaScript? 0.00
How does this Java regex to replace escaped characters work? -0.73
regex line start in character set +1.50
regex for list comparing? -0.28
Parse each file in a directory with BeautifulSoup/Python, save out... +0.23
Is it possible to create variables in foreach using the $key? +0.72
Array Map Function Error -0.75
Python: instance has no attribute 0.00
array_search() not finding 0th element +0.65
Set the array value between any, by key with shifting (without eras... 0.00
PHP script works on one server, gives me an Internal Server Error 5... +0.22
Find multiple substrings in a string -0.80
PHP Simple Header Injection Prevention 0.00
decoding an array from json into PHP and unable to access elements... +0.66
Why is unserialize nested inside another unserialize function in Wo... +0.23
How can I have a loop run until I have a select number of results? +0.23
setting PHP class variables -1.85
how to get last 4 records without auto-increment ID 0.00
RegExpr confusion with negated character classes? +1.02
if {} in if: endif +0.58
Drupal 7 password hash 0.00
strings do not escape when use mysql_real_escape_string or addslash... -0.37
converting int to real in sqlite 0.00
Generating only positive random numbers in SQLite +1.23
PHP Regular Expression Failing -1.31
About exec() function in PHP +0.55
How to verify call by value of Java? +0.46
Which hash algorithm can be used for duplicate content verification? +1.25
Including header, body, and footer with variables and sending in an... 0.00
Big Integer - What is this code doing? +0.65
Make str_replace not replace a letter if follows another letter 0.00
How does the search algorithm work with objects in a java collectio... +1.50
Encryption using crypt() +0.24
Handling hash collisions when using linear probing +0.49