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Muhammad Waqas Bhati

1477.97 (4,161,601st)
1,718 (95,597th)
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Title Δ
Swift mutable set: Duplicate element found 0.00
Search data from Realm jammed the main thread 0.00
How to get 4th value from array swift 0.00
how to search data from model in swift? 0.00
How to position a button to right most edge of UITableCell with a m... 0.00
Swift navigation controller embedded in tab bar with segue 0.00
Array declared for collectionview null value optional 0.00
How to get actual keyboard height (keyboard height minus safe area... 0.00
didSelectRowAtIndexpath not responding to clicks 0.00
Swift UITableView Realm wrong order after delete 0.00
intermittent blank/partial screenshots of WKWebView using takeSnaps... 0.00
On cell click the value of a label should increase and decrease 0.00
How to add different cell to tableview? 0.00
Animate a rotated label in swift? 0.00
Does dependency injection really matters in iOS Application develop... 0.00
How do I use Objective-C code from Github in my Swift program? 0.00
Is it possible to store a multidimensional String array to disk? Sw... 0.00
Message from debugger: Terminated due to memory issue in Xcode 10.1... 0.00
I need imagePickerController for 2 different imageViews but It'... 0.00
Swift Cast from 'UIViewController?' to unrelated type '... 0.00
UITableView with automaticDimension doesn't dynamically increas... 0.00
Not able to get google map api response to parse 0.00
Efficient way of sectioning data based on date for usage in Collect... 0.00
UIView.animate not Animating -1.51
Reload UiPageViewController in seconds 0.00
Is it possible to load and run APK file inside Android Apps program... +0.14
Collection not Created in Firebase Console 0.00
Autolayout working wrong 0.00
Swift 4 - setNeedsDisplay and layoutIfNeeded not redrawing UILabel... -1.62
text-field data is erased when view loaded successfully 0.00
Unable to pass data from ViewControllerClass to TableViewController... -4.11
UIScroll View Not Working As Expected +4.20
How to disable scrolling while using UIPanGestureRecognizer on a UI... 0.00
UITableviewCell subview appears only on scrolling or cell reuse( iO... -0.51
Performing a Segue Inside of a Completion Handler -3.37
Different layouts in portrait and landscape mode +2.36
UITableView doesn't show data from responseObject +0.06
How can I resize a view, while proportionally resizing it's sub... -2.31
how to get value from a dictionary in SWIFT -3.53
UIAlertView actions not happening swift -0.06
iOS - What programming language does Parse use? 0.00
Can we distribute different version of single app to different clie... 0.00
Getting date from parse and displaying to a string Swift 0.00
How to change autolayout constraints when the device rotates? +4.00
How to find Arrays element > to X in objective-c with predicateW... +0.18
Memory growing in UITableViewCell 0.00
Metadata rejected asking for app login details 0.00
Can we do transaction using UI WEB VIEW iOS -3.17
Extract a String out of a specific set of strings +0.24
How to pass entity in saveWithBlock to completion block +4.12