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Muhammad Waqas Bhati

1480.91 (4,239,682nd)
1,718 (95,639th)
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Title Δ
Swift mutable set: Duplicate element found -0.62
Search data from Realm jammed the main thread 0.00
How to get 4th value from array swift -0.10
how to search data from model in swift? -1.15
How to position a button to right most edge of UITableCell with a m... -0.49
Swift navigation controller embedded in tab bar with segue +1.21
Array declared for collectionview null value optional -0.24
How to get actual keyboard height (keyboard height minus safe area... +4.30
didSelectRowAtIndexpath not responding to clicks -1.69
Swift UITableView Realm wrong order after delete 0.00
intermittent blank/partial screenshots of WKWebView using takeSnaps... 0.00
On cell click the value of a label should increase and decrease -1.74
How to add different cell to tableview? 0.00
Animate a rotated label in swift? +0.13
Does dependency injection really matters in iOS Application develop... +4.45
How do I use Objective-C code from Github in my Swift program? 0.00
Is it possible to store a multidimensional String array to disk? Sw... -3.72
Message from debugger: Terminated due to memory issue in Xcode 10.1... +2.03
I need imagePickerController for 2 different imageViews but It'... 0.00
Swift Cast from 'UIViewController?' to unrelated type '... -3.83
UITableView with automaticDimension doesn't dynamically increas... +4.37
Not able to get google map api response to parse 0.00
Efficient way of sectioning data based on date for usage in Collect... 0.00
UIView.animate not Animating -1.51
Reload UiPageViewController in seconds 0.00
Is it possible to load and run APK file inside Android Apps program... +0.14
Collection not Created in Firebase Console 0.00
Autolayout working wrong 0.00
Swift 4 - setNeedsDisplay and layoutIfNeeded not redrawing UILabel... -1.62
text-field data is erased when view loaded successfully 0.00
Unable to pass data from ViewControllerClass to TableViewController... -4.11
UIScroll View Not Working As Expected +4.20
How to disable scrolling while using UIPanGestureRecognizer on a UI... 0.00
UITableviewCell subview appears only on scrolling or cell reuse( iO... -0.51
Performing a Segue Inside of a Completion Handler -3.37
Different layouts in portrait and landscape mode +2.36
UITableView doesn't show data from responseObject +0.06
How can I resize a view, while proportionally resizing it's sub... -2.31
how to get value from a dictionary in SWIFT -3.53
UIAlertView actions not happening swift -0.06
iOS - What programming language does Parse use? 0.00
Can we distribute different version of single app to different clie... 0.00
Getting date from parse and displaying to a string Swift 0.00
How to change autolayout constraints when the device rotates? +4.00
How to find Arrays element > to X in objective-c with predicateW... +0.18
Memory growing in UITableViewCell 0.00
Metadata rejected asking for app login details 0.00
Can we do transaction using UI WEB VIEW iOS -3.17
Extract a String out of a specific set of strings +0.24
How to pass entity in saveWithBlock to completion block +4.12