An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1567.89 (4,227th)
3,501 (47,957th)
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Title Δ
System.Drawing.Point is much faster than my simple struct +2.21
How to retrieve a list stored in an Object class 0.00
Add/Insert double AND string into a list -0.35
Convert List<double> to double[n,1] +1.81
Can I load an image from disk with progress and cancellation suppor... -0.62
C# How to add values of all variables of an object to a list? -1.69
CREATE UNIQUE INDEX duplicate key when I update-database by EF Core -0.95
Select data using integer on subquery - Sql command 0.00
Removing text from a file -0.59
how to create an update method in c# +1.58
C# Iterate List<string> and create object with data on specif... 0.00
Parse string to get a portion of the string +1.53
Break for loop statement with nested switch -0.06
C# Add to a List Asynchronously in API +0.68
Opening a file after changing its extension 0.00
Difference between the two Nullable Types? -0.48
control already disposed when returning from await 0.00
How to read data from a mysql table in c#? 0.00
C# confused about delegates, publishers and subscribers 0.00
Loading collection view with task async method 0.00
Is there a way to shorten field declaration in C#? 0.00
How do I get the current directory using C# that my Windows App Sto... 0.00
Avoid multiple static classes with a single, different property 0.00
DatabaseGenerated(DatabaseGeneratedOption.Identity) vs Key -1.68
TransactionScope doesn't rollback in per-test TearDown for inte... -1.97
Get complete file path from file click in File Explorer +0.40
Incorrect decimal placement in financial application 0.00
PredicateBuilder Contains breaks when value is null 0.00
C# Loading data adapter from excel, is there a maximum column count? 0.00
Using HttpContext.GetTokenAsync in C# Unit Tests -0.10
How to periodically trigger an time-lapse event every specific time... +0.41
C# bubble sort function returning data type not results?? code issu... -1.51
Trying to add 2 files to seperate lists to read from, I need to com... -0.10
ListBox not populating with BindingSource 0.00
Set Context.UserIdentifier to different claim 0.00
Interface implementation for VSTO Aplication.Factory class is missi... 0.00
I don't understand string in c# +0.40
Access and check entries from an enum in C# -0.02
I am trying to populate a list with properties and strings 0.00
Build error when packaging multiple nuget targets 0.00
Exception on showing a splash screeen in C# 0.00
In c# what does 'where T : class?' mean -1.99
Cannot implicitly convert type 'System.Collection.Generic.IEnum... -0.18
What's the difference between the DrawText() and DrawTextLayout... 0.00
How to do a count on an IEnumerable? 0.00
C# not all lines return a value, I am unsure what to do +2.05
C# Access DB Update Query doesnt execute though it acts like it did 0.00
Wator/GameOfLife how to check for existing cell in console project? -0.08
Threads process exiting before executing full code 0.00
Is it really needed to implement dispose pattern for managed resour... -0.27