An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1471.43 (4,390,923rd)
3,227 (52,140th)
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Title Δ
How to display returned List in c# -0.53
Unable to read large log file with MemoryMappedViewStream 0.00
Cross-Process Mutex Read/Write Locking -1.01
Debug Assertion Failed on c++ in run time -0.51
Are Azure Functions a good fit for splitting up big processing jobs? -1.10
Preventing System.StackOverflowException when creating Ackermann Fu... -1.13
Pricing of Azure Cloud services (or how is usage calculated) 0.00
std::sort function not working in char array +0.28
I am creating an email spammer, for an outstanding cause +0.70
How to tell which module in my process created which heap? 0.00
string array omiting characters z and y 0.00
C# Thread.Sleep(x) or while (DateTime.Now < dateStop) 0.00
Having trouble with binary trees - Trying to check something by lev... -0.47
Sample WSDL File Download -0.24
How to do InOrder traversal with B-Tree? 0.00
The type initializer "Class" threw an exception.LoadLibra... 0.00
Memory leak in Hashtable/Doubly linked list 0.00
Getting a dirty read despite of having set isolation level to ReadC... +0.51
Will a custom allocator improve performance if many vector<T>... -0.27
Linked List Retain Function Not Working -1.75
Mutex not correctly used? Continuation of past questions -0.44
Forms Authentication Renewal Issue with Custom Forms Authentication +0.03
Unreachable code detected RateLiability 0.00
Postback Fails On Default Document -0.47
how to share List values in memory mapped files 0.00
Byte manipulation of string array -0.43
Stackoverflow exception under IIS: Can I give a better error message? 0.00
C# Create a list of objects from an 2 IEnumerable instances contain... +0.26
AJAX requests are not being handled completely asynchronously for l... +2.05
TcpClient / Server NetworkStream skipping packets -2.04
OpenEvent/OpenFileMapping fails with ERROR_ACCESS_DENIED 0.00
Lost header information when httpwebrequest timeout 0.00
unshelving team explorer everywhere 0.00
HTTP 401 Unauthorized when not using HTTP basic auth? 0.00
Can I make HttpWebRequest include windows credentials without waiti... +0.02
URL Redirect works fine, but rewrite gives 404 -0.02
Visual C# to Visual C++ 0.00
What does it mean for a data read/write to be untranslated? 0.00
Can't Logout From root domain +0.08
Redirects stopped working in Firefox -1.33
Not passing Credentials to WCF Service resulting in a 401 +0.03
C# console app to send email at scheduled times -0.45
"Retrieving the COM class factory for component.... error: 800... -0.05
How to set multiple cookies in ISAPI filter 0.00
How to play audio byte array (not file!) with JavaScript in a browser 0.00
ASP.NET URL Encoding/Decoding +0.34
System.UnauthorizedAccessException - Access to Path Denied +4.27
escaping tricky string to CSV format -1.24
How to redirect a page and disguise its url? +4.31
Accessing Active Directory in locally works fine. After dep... +1.75