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Dani Mesejo

1637.04 (727th)
18,854 (7,322nd)
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Title Δ
Get End date from Start date & duration (days) 0.00
@WithMockUser in a parallel context 0.00
what is the best way to add element to list of dict in python? +0.31
Is there a short way in networkx(Python) to calculate the reachabil... +2.40
How to search for items in a list in a dataframe and count them -2.78
How to efficiently compare a list of string within a dictionaries a... 0.00
Python: Convert list of sets to dictionary with indexes +0.28
can't find max number of a list with sublist in python +0.39
Index list of arrays keeping dimensionality in numpy -0.66
Merge a list of dicts into a single dict adding values for common k... -1.52
Python Dictionary - Key Assignment by iterations +0.85
How to do logical and operation on list of bool objects list? +1.58
Python - extracting key and value from list of dictionaries 0.00
Compare list of dictionaries with variable number of dictionaries i... +0.68
How do I sort inner list in pandas DataFrame? +2.25
Python3: Reverse a list using only while, .pop() and .insert() +0.65
Dataframe to dictionary, by rows in pandas -1.11
Add individual list elements in a list -1.65
Python: Selecting repeated elements (list in a list) and put it in... +1.43
Build Python dictionary from Pandas columns using loop -1.61
Preserve "\t", "\n", "\r" when spliti... 0.00
how can I create nested dictionary keys and assign them values from... +1.40
python row dividing with one element 0.00
Python Dict Comprehension +0.47
Fastest way to remove duplicates in a list without importing librar... -2.00
Inserting into array with known positions and values +2.38
How to replace all items in a list with their order in python? 0.00
How to group objects (tuples) based on having consecutive attribute... 0.00
How to optimize calculatning distances between all vectors of two m... 0.00
How to access the first element or number in counter using Python -0.62
Python : Word frequency using itertools.chain +2.16
i need to Count through list 0.00
pandas comparision operator `==` not working as expected when colum... +0.89
Find value close to number in python array and index it 0.00
Efficent way to generate multiple dictionaries in a list +1.43
Vectorize pandas df operation? +1.99
how to check ducplicates in python array and delete both the values +1.00
Combining Pandas Dataframe with Numpy Arrays +0.32
Python: How to write to csv a dict of list "in line"? +0.33
How can I create a Column in pandas from a different column, matchi... +0.31
Function returning a dictionary with string lengths (keys) and numb... -0.19
Dictionary containing all nodes and edges from graph -0.30
How do I get random values in a list to be unique by at least a giv... -0.67
How can I initialize a list of sublists of sublists from a one dime... +0.32
Nested json object column into dataframe 0.00
pandas.Series.value_counts result to a dictionary with frequencies... +1.36
How can I solve this error that occurs when I try to sort a nested... 0.00
Efficient row elements multiplication in numpy -0.50
Removing specific character from the end of strings in list in python +0.86
Organizing a list of alpha-numeric strings +0.35