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Rating Stats for

Dani Mesejo

1640.15 (702nd)
18,854 (7,336th)
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Title Δ
Counting total number of occurrences in selected (multiple) columns... +0.32
Python - Pandas: perform column value based data grouping across se... 0.00
Query pandas df on multiple conditions +0.31
Extract the YYYY year from two string columns and put it in a new c... 0.00
Count string occurrence in a list in cell -0.03
Return the last non-zero value in a panda df 0.00
dataframe with list of links to networkx digraph -0.68
How to select rows based on a column being true for one condition -1.62
pandas - map dataframe element with dictionary - how to access nth... 0.00
Mapping dictionary as new column efficiently -2.12
Bring unique entries in multiple columns as new columns in Python 0.00
How to find the index and columns of data in pandas dataframe that... 0.00
Pandas: How can I preserve row ordering after subtraction? -0.37
How to rearrange the columns of a DataFrame into an indexed binary... -0.65
How can I get corr in pandas dataframe on specified columns elegant... 0.00
How to extract a part of column based on two other columns from a p... +0.51
Python Convert a list into a dataframe -1.41
pandas group by and sequence +1.47
Creating multiple pandas column from combination of a list in python 0.00
remove dtype info from pandas mode values 0.00
Change columns that contain string and replace rows -2.22
Pandas Rolling Conditional Count String -2.22
Pandas - Select rows based on a hierachy of conditions 0.00
Python - How to improve speed of transformation of string to float -0.47
Pandas - Select row value from specific column based on value from... +1.23
Creating/updating new field with random match from multiple matches... 0.00
create a smaller data frame from unique value from a column +1.63
Pandas get row if column is a substring of string 0.00
concatenate two columns and pad with zeroes to have constant length -1.65
Pandas - count number of continuous rows by time delta and count 0.00
combining two DFs with pandas -0.99
How to replace only certain commas with dots in Pandas? +0.30
Create weighted mean per column in pandas 0.00
Binarize a continuous feature with NaNs Python +0.30
Replacing missing values with mean +1.15
Creating a new dataframe where some rows are expanded versions of a... +0.30
Adding index to column list python +1.39
How to select the next date in a Pandas dataframe with date index a... +0.13
I have a dataset whose columns are words. How can I add the same co... -2.88
How to change one columns values based another column via the index +1.81
Replace NaN Values with the Means of other Cols based on Condition 0.00
Convert partial H:M:S durations with missing parts, to Seconds; or... +1.78
How to remove a string selectively from pandas series? +0.61
Python - Looping through dataframe using methods other than .iterro... 0.00
Conditional Sum Pandas Dataframe 0.00
How to replace pd.Series list values with dictionary values -2.20
Applying a custom Function to a Pandas Groupby 0.00
How to replace rows with character value by integers in a column in... 0.00
Dask read_csv failes to read from BytesIO 0.00
str[0:z] works with pandas but not with modin: TypeError: 'Stri... 0.00