An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1526.72 (21,903rd)
13,646 (10,536th)
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Title Δ
How can I transpose a table and make aggregation at the same time i... 0.00
sql code to compare previous row in a series +1.72
Counting duplicates when using "IN" operator -0.11
SQL query for group by result in different column +0.27
get left or right position from heading in degrees -2.04
Joining multiple tables by removing leading alpha character -0.20
Regex: How to match a range of characters except another range 0.00
Is there a faster way of doing this average price loop? 0.00
Grouping the rows by similarities -0.39
convert nvarchar of large length to int +1.95
How can I find the longest words in the string and return those (ex... -1.22
Finding Duplicates in SQL +1.99
SQL: Find out the expense that each customer has made through card... -1.03
SQL query to calculate % of time in month columns 0.00
How do I sort this Array of objects using Vanilla or lodash +0.46
Calculator for lines that ignore words -0.38
how can i grab the reqnum from the string? -0.86
How can I improve the performance and the readability of my function? -1.33
SQL query for database find the nr of students -1.09
Javascript get only matched text in regex -0.53
Distinct Conditional Counting to Avoid Overlap +1.01
Return string from class - JavaScript +0.45
is there a more efficient alternative for this SQL query? +2.04
Temp table parsing - SQL bug - Explanation needed -0.04
How to sort objects in an array by date without using the sort meth... +0.67
How to calculate array by given points labels? +1.73
How to use nested arrays with a for loop in javascript +1.41
Row_number function using directly -1.61
How do I replace with filter function to the following for looping... -1.97
Average in Javascript by a key +0.20
Parsing logic Expression with Javascript 0.00
Delete main array when nested array is empty -0.07
SQL: how to check for neither overlapping nor holes in payment reco... +0.43
Passing object key name in function parameter -0.95
Validate password - must contain 2 capital letters -0.03
Split array into arrays of matching values -0.25
Count the number of rows inserted in a table per second -0.03
How do I use wildcards, RegEx or Search() within Mixpanel's Jav... -0.04
How to filter an array of objects (with arrays inside) with another... +0.02
Convert Query from SQL Server to Oracle +1.82
Refactoring complex multi condition if-else statements -0.47
How to make a join in order to get this result -1.01
How to acces nested objects in array 0.00
How to sum all elements in a nested array? -0.29
How can I divide the following equation by regex? -0.54
Grouping sql rows by weeks +1.07
Regex that only allows empty string, letters, numbers or spaces? +1.74
How to return all the elements of an Array with space between them? +0.45
Is there a way to use variables in variables names? +0.55
Find all recipes with just vegan products -1.42