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PM 2Ring

1627.26 (933rd)
44,555 (2,381st)
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Title Δ
Find repeated numbers in certain array positions 0.00
Summing rows of a 2D list without using sum function in python 0.00
Creating a row of numbers/ letters in my Python Battleship game 0.00
how to read in json file in lines +0.75
how to decrypt a file in python which was encrypted using openssl 0.00
How to calculate this CRC using Python? -0.65
joining a 2d list side by side +0.31
Pickling dict in Python -2.07
Create a nested list by different number of separators(but the same) +0.35
Creating a list of sequences such that every distinct pair is count... +1.12
How to make an encryption key from an input string in Python? 0.00
Right side of Fractal Tree Missing using turtle in python 3 -2.69
Convert multiple lists into a nested dictionary -0.67
Python - Get random color, given a seed number as fast as possible -0.45
Python: Adding integer elements of a nested list to a list -0.30
shell command run python script with args which is a list +0.32
Communication between python objects? 0.00
Number of primitive steps in a for-loop in python 0.00
Competitive Coding - Mask bits - Decimal to Binary 0.00
Average values in all dicts with matching values for a given key in... +1.37
Double dice graphics in Python -1.65
How do I perform multiple operations in a list comprehension -0.27
Python Class and Object coding errors -0.70
Type conversion in python (StringVar to String) 0.00
What is best timing for thread.join? 0.00
Python Changing List in Dictionary Changes All Lists (no other solu... +0.35
Python string replace with characters and increment letters by letter +1.26
Recursive method to print the hierarchical dictionary -2.52
How to replace 'b' with 0 or 1 in the binary representation... -2.53
Method to get all possible combinations of genotypes for a group of... +0.31
How to split array of dictionaries in Python? -0.49
Can I perform this task without using two loops? -0.53
how to remove all subset from a list of list +0.52
Displaying termcolor.colored in python 0.00
KeyError when searching the graph using DFS 0.00
How can I parse this non-JSON data? +1.57
Better ways to find pairs that sum to N +0.61
Trying to enumerate/cycle through the alphabet, numbers, and etc wi... 0.00
Creating a dict containing a sub-dict as the new value with the ind... -0.97
Remove duplicates from a list of alphanumeric filenames +1.41
Create a 3 level dictionary from a list of strings with multiple un... +1.26
PhotoImage is not responding to python tkinter scale widget 0.00
Max values for partial matching keys in python dictionary -0.51
Pseudo-random generation of python list containing binary values wi... +0.07
Python 'For' Loop Iterate Array -1.09
Python different output for one-line if else return statement 0.00
JES Cipher remove spaces and punctuation 0.00
Error message when importing function - modules +0.32
Pattern Matching in Python - Extract and Store strings from file -0.27
How to find the maximum consecutive occurrences of a number in python -0.15