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1564.13 (4,891st)
27,338 (4,616th)
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Title Δ
Why #define UNICODE has no effect in windows +0.41
How to get all mousemove events while main thread is busy Windows M... 0.00
How do you access functions of other classes? -0.08
How to convert char to wchar_t*? 0.00
Append extra null char to wide string +1.44
Pointer to Pointer. How far we can go? +1.11
Can i somehow copy member types from vector? +0.00
How can return json string when value contains quotation mark (&quo... 0.00
CreateWindow doesn't exist in user32.dll any more -0.18
Import a C++ DLL into C# -1.80
How can I inherit class in C++? 0.00
Default values in struct c [duplicates] +0.41
Redefinition error when using ifndef when alias is defined like &qu... -1.69
Why does C++ always display a Hexadecimal memory address and not ju... +1.91
Dynamically use a DLL from a console application 0.00
boolean function uses in c++ 0.00
c++ check at compile time if a function is called -1.02
How to store a file inside an executable -1.63
When building a DLL which will be loaded using LoadLibrary, do I ne... 0.00
How can one hide the console window of a Windows program? +1.95
Why is the error thrown although the if-clause is false? +2.38
C++ returning reference to an item in vector from class +0.40
How do I pass a value to 'LPVOID lpReserved in Windows DLL entr... 0.00
Is there an easy way to analyse the header files and get a resultin... 0.00
How to make a single function from repetitive code? +2.35
Keyword - Inline - Is really forcing compiler to replace it multipl... 0.00
What does it mean if you add '&'before the variable, wh... 0.00
How to check Win32 CreateProcess() failed reason using ProcMon. exc... -1.91
Why `const char *` type in C++ can store Unicode? -0.54
Difference between chained if's and else if +0.41
Initialize Array to Default Value (Except where Specified) C++ -0.40
Minimizing variable copies in recursive function +0.42
C++ pointer with address without referencing address +0.55
Error handling design: Bind error messages to error codes -2.29
Does preallocating variables, used in member function, as member fi... 0.00
Is it possible to detect whether a local variable declared? -0.97
About reinterpret_cast and pointer +0.86
How to make a specific program run from the installed path only to... 0.00
Access template parameter from class object -0.87
Typing simulator — sending keystrokes to other application +0.41
How do I properly dereference an object to set it's member vari... 0.00
How can I get the pixel of the covered window? 0.00
how to force angular to re-bind/update even there is no change in t... -0.15
Where does Sparkle save its preferences/defaults? 0.00
std::thread cause deadlock in DLLMain -0.51
Does the destructor of an object free the memory pointed by the poi... -0.59
How can I add a C# GUI to C++ code? 0.00
How to check if a pointer to an object is stored at a given index 0.00
Why cant you have one loop for bubble sort? -1.50
Does compiler generate vtable for a class that is not used +0.39