An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1463.62 (4,399,406th)
10,329 (14,660th)
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Title Δ
Pipe find command output to ls command 0.00
Recursive java method and xml parsing 0.00
How to omit an empty line after a for loop in Jinja? 0.00
List all files having perl in shebang line 0.00
If-else statement error in Scheme using guile 0.00
How to avoid exception shadowing? 0.00
Linux user permissions folder for multiple users 0.00
Displaying file content with bash scripting 0.00
Remove multiple lines between pattern 0.00
Adding Array to Hash of Arrays without Reference 0.00
ansible copy file based on the group name 0.00
javascript store data in global variable array(or other better ways) 0.00
How can we use global variable in JS 0.00
Run a command and use the same value in a playbook 0.00
perl; what is this? for(1..$scalar_name) 0.00
How to escape non-standard (invalid) HTML tags? 0.00
understanding syslog logs format 0.00
Cleanup a path list in bash, removing all children paths (subdirect... -0.45
How to get the output of if condition on terminal -0.20
How to search a file for the last block of consecutive lines that c... -1.61
Swapping numbers with their name from a list in Scheme -0.43
How to run scheme program in VS Code +0.05
Why is MIT-Scheme so slow in writing out data? 0.00
Ansible: supplying input file to command 0.00
SICP Chapter 3.5.2 infinite streams integers definition -0.79
Let a program execute another program over ssh 0.00
bash loop through files that have no extension -1.23
Exit status -1 from a Linux shell script 0.00
Ansible set environment variable from a file and access it within t... 0.00
bash scripting , how to check if condition is true , it should chec... 0.00
Bash loop through multiple lines of netstat command output +2.07
Perl query for shortest algorithm +1.00
How can I use javascript to count the number of items on screen wit... -0.12
Filtering an expression output with regexp 0.00
Avoid unused and undefined variable in playbook 0.00
bash - combine while read with grep and cut -0.45
How to hide password from ps command? 0.00
How to execute command after CP command in bash? +2.12
XML Element is not matching the DTD 0.00
Linux grep, how can I display lines that don't contain word 1 a... +2.36
Linux grep, how can I display lines that don't contain word 1 a... -0.64
split large text file into chunks by lines containing a specific ch... -1.61
Ansible "skipping" last host from inventory 0.00
xslt failing if xml has an extra xml tag -1.72
Command for finding first and last login details in the system for... +0.30
How to set an element's background as the same as a specific po... 0.00
Bash Function that checks if there is text in a file and adds the t... +0.23
How modulo and remainder should work in Scheme? +0.40
Bash: Capture exit code instead of aborting, when "set -e"... 0.00
How to update Git Bash? 0.00