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1436.24 (4,534,917th)
5,491 (29,954th)
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Title Δ
Fibonacci numbers without using zipWith -0.41
Understanding the type of (,) <$> length <*> head -0.49
Understanding the type of (,) <$> length <*> head -0.49
Move One Element From one list to another In haskell 0.00
Moving uncommitted changes to a new branch: git: stash vs checkout -1.05
What happens when assigned null to String object? 0.00
How to fix race conditions without using synchronized (Lock free se... +1.22
Placeholder Syntax in Scala Programming 0.00
Bubblesort-like algorithm. What is the worst-case time complexity? 0.00
Does Scala support an OR composition? -1.75
Java generics, a way to enforce either super or subtype 0.00
Is this a valid example of Currying in Java -1.34
Does Java not support Covariant Return Types on Enums? -1.51
How can an immutable data structure NOT be thread safe? -0.24
Leave out parameters in Scala's function definition +2.66
Optimistic concurrency - Isn't there a problem? 0.00
Morphism where the algebra receives the item's position 0.00
Why is the bind operator (>>=) defined as it is? -0.99
How to use resources from an Ammonite script? 0.00
What is the type constructor for list of tuples? -1.37
AEM Large number of modified child nodes 0.00
A few questions about the git reset and editing old commits 0.00
Identity function in Haskell has multiple inhabitants? -1.18
Git - if I delete a commit from a parent branch, will it also disap... -1.04
What would be the best approach to use CompletableFuture while runn... 0.00
Wait for List of CompletableFuture 0.00
Why doesn't Java allow extending type parameters? 0.00
FoldLeft but preserve original data structure -0.83
is it count as escaped and not thread safe 0.00
How to get all stored Nodes in JCR? 0.00
confused about haskell function to get length of list -0.42
Problem with arithmetic sequence in List comprehension Haskell -0.44
JcrExportCommand filter to exclude "mgnl:page" in magnoli... +0.57
JCRExportCommand execute() throws exception error in magnolia cms 0.00
stack new command failing to download build plan for lts-14.1 0.00
Future.cancel(true) returns true but tasks not cancelled 0.00
Starting mupltiple threads and collect the results 0.00
How to define a type: infinite function? 0.00
How to Merge two different Git repositories? +0.05
Can I remove previous commits from a branch? 0.00
Optimistic concurrency control and write skew 0.00
How Copy-On-Write is different from a direct lock / synchronized on... +2.40
Print all combinations of length X using recursion +0.60
ReentrantLock with nested tryLock with different timeouts, what wil... 0.00
Synchronized method isn't working as i expected 0.00
How does ScheduledExecutorService handles terminated threads? +0.21
Example of non-trivial functors +1.13
Is it possible to use visibility guarantees instead of full-fledged... -1.80
Concurrent Queue Data Structure with ArrayList as Element +0.58
Understanding a pure method @Contract +0.45