An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1512.61 (54,482nd)
11,680 (12,694th)
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Title Δ
Set Timeout running 4 times each minute -0.54
Double validation +1.71
NumberFormatException: For input string:"2," +2.09
How to catch groups occurring more than once using regex in Java 0.00
Why does my ArrayList only print out the last subclass that was cal... +1.44
Not recognising variable recognised on previous line -0.01
how to replace letters in 1 word 0.00
How to get use input through ArrayList in java -0.51
count variable substring inside a string in javascript +0.30
Why does my String method allow a return value of a String and int? 0.00
I read file then write the file and the spaces between text disappear -0.56
how do i repeatedly multiply a number in java by 2 until it reaches... +0.78
JavaScript scope error - returning undefined +0.48
Java Regex to extrac an javascript object from Javascript String 0.00
How to use switch to compare values between values +1.27
Repeat the animation in the setInterval()? -1.59
Finding Brackets in Java Regex String +0.18
printing random numbers when printing a variable with printf() -1.64
Cannot get a JavaScript program to add odd numbers 0.00
Regular Expression for two or more dots should be separated as dot... -0.99
Using Regular Expressions to Extract specific Values in Java -0.52
Why do I get the error, "variable p might not have been initia... +0.47
Getting multiple matches via regex +2.30
Replace all the occurrence of {.?!"><',/\|@#$%^&... -1.75
How to document.write javascript object -1.66
How to use a declared array -0.02
Accessing static members of a class within static methods -0.59
Shuffling an arraylist in java +0.93
Why can str not be resolved, trying to parse the html data from a U... -2.42
How to get rid of unrecognized input from User 0.00
Why is this code block not running? +0.49
clearInterval won't clear the interval +1.40
Run program by user input using a do while loop +0.47
Javascript: If variable mets a condittion defined on another variable -1.80
How to return a break or Continue in a method is it possible? +0.24
How can i convert attribute data to lower case using JavaScript only? +0.01
How do I output a month (String or Integer) when I input the month... 0.00
Get the size of a ResultSet in Java for SQLite -0.27
I need help building an anchor <a that passes variables to PHP 0.00
Regex for end of string -1.64
sorting of HashMap in Java -1.57
counting multiple instances of a char (in a row) in a string -0.31
Cannot figure out REGEX java -0.21
Disable checkbox when no checkboxes on page +0.49
Java - how can I get the text from TextField 0.00
Java: Store specific part of string to an array 0.00
why the next statement after the while loop doesn't get executed -0.76
Check the number is in a certain format +0.47
jquery show dropdown from dropdown 0.00
Regex to ignore HTML tags -0.04