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Joachim Sauer

1723.81 (74th)
245,527 (168th)
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Title Δ
Problem with IndexOf() in Javascript it doen't give a boolean b... 0.00
What does the architecture mean from java class file? 0.00
Is there a way to make B<Double>, a subclass of A<Number&g... 0.00
What is the difference between `.` and `#` in the JavaDoc? 0.00
The problem with currently running directory in IntelliJ IDEA 0.00
Can't change git commit message with interactive rebase 0.00
How many bytes does the Python string '\x80' in UTF8 occupy? 0.00
Whether we import source code or byte code of a class when importin... 0.00
Why the type of constant is 2.8 in Typescript? 0.00
Type missmatch cannot convert from String to int 0.00
Why java arguments behave differently in Windows and Linux? 0.00
Making a package default like java.lang in java 0.00
Why final argument modifier is not inherited in concrete impementat... 0.00
How to assign a part-of-LinkedList at the end of another LinkedList? 0.00
What is the meaning of "default character encoding" and &... 0.00
Method reference and Generics in Java-8 0.00
Why does the protobuf use builder to construct data? 0.00
Why do Object and var variables behave differently? 0.00
Why do we need abstract methods? 0.00
Do Java class files know about white space? 0.00
Does ANT support Maps(Javascript)? 0.00
Java: alternative to null for special meaning 0.00
Are all arrays declared as a class variable supposed to be static? 0.00
How to make a generic for loop without knowing which endpoint is bi... 0.00
Error while reading files: Exception in thread "main" jav... 0.00
Can I git push another directory? 0.00
Input does not behave like expected, java FileReader 0.00
How is it possible to reset a Git repository to the state before th... 0.00
Can UTF-8 contain zero byte in the middle? 0.00
What exactly means left and right side of instance 0.00
Why the code with such generic bound is compiled 0.00
Is there any valid point upgrading Java 8 to Java 11? 0.00
How can I pass a collection of exceptions as a root cause? 0.00
HttpPut file upload in Java - Overriding the TrustStrategy: Is ther... 0.00
Java double to long conversion error mystery 0.00
How the garbage collector free those new object created without any... 0.00
Is it a bad practice to push half done work to a repo? 0.00
Why is comparing strings 0(n), but comparing numbers 0(1)? 0.00
How can I change the value of a field from a different class? 0.00
How a non-generic class can result in a runtime error 0.00
Why use clone() when we can copy object using = operator? +1.07
Is it necessary to call a function/method outside the main body +0.09
How to add some special values to an integer type -0.28
Per-Class singleton, prevent additional instances 0.00
Does git status require network connectivity to access origin/maste... +0.22
JavaFX String copied to the clipboard is truncated starting with nu... 0.00
Java Generics: What is the intention of this pattern? 0.00
Object declaration vs instantiation 0.00
How stale data is avoided using synchronized keyword? +0.53
Regex to retrieve double numbers from a file but ignoring those wit... -2.09