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Joachim Sauer

1720.95 (79th)
245,527 (168th)
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Title Δ
Emails with empty content-id 0.00
Collision strength of Java's Arrays.hashCode 0.00
How to improve a cumbersome comparison of 2 objects' fields 0.00
What's add(E e, Object[] elementData, int s) method for? +0.81
How to handle strings efficiently in javaļ¼Ÿ 0.00
How to load a resource when folder of resources have the same name... 0.00
toLocaleString not working on numbers less than 10000 in all browsers 0.00
Apache lang3 works but Apache lang does not. Why? +0.94
When does Local.getCountry() return a UN M.49 3-digit code instead... -0.78
What is O(1) space complexity in term of Javascript code with example +0.23
Why I can use method 'each' in List interface in Groovy? 0.00
Is it sensible to use the hash code of a class as its serialVersion... +1.27
Relationship between Alnum and IsAlphabetic character classes in Ja... +2.22
(this.static variable) vs (static variable) +0.94
using toString() -0.97
What is difference between size() and mappingCount() in ConcurrentH... +0.22
Variations in byte value of a string 0.00
How a dbms server sends a ResultSet to a client? 0.00
Cast a hexadecimal string to a class object +1.06
Java - NumberValue to String without Currency sign 0.00
Why concatenating a list of chars returns an unexpected string? +0.15
Why String, StringBuffer and StringBuilder classes use byte array i... -1.87
Why does this give "0" in the output? +0.23
UTF-8 encoding why prefix 10? +0.72
Java 8 - Current date minus 1 day +0.22
Why is Locale final in Java? 0.00"a[href]") not getting all the href 0.00
Checking if a process is runing on linux via Java code +0.26
Why this C program display this result? 0.00
How to test for null keys on any Java map implementation? -1.24
Does PSYoungGen has initial space, why no instance created,but some... 0.00
Why can I compile it, when I am missing the last level directory in... 0.00
Behavior of lamba functions in Java 8 +1.73
Unable to detect the String encoding -2.02
What is Common Locale Data Repository (CLDR) - JDK 9 +0.21
Is reference variable and Object created from a class using new key... +0.22
java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space exception +0.98
Java assignment operator execution +0.32
Average of two LocalTimes +0.76
java convert hex to ascii - java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: hex... 0.00
DOM4J utf-8 encoding Umlaute(Ä,ü,ß) incorrectly 0.00
Check if subclass implements an interface in parent class? -1.86
unsupported encoding: UTF-8 0.00
Compute sha256 ignoring metadata - Javascript 0.00
Android bug: DateFormat() sometimes shows 12hr format, when it shou... +0.22
adb command's equivalent version in java? 0.00
Isn't effectively final/final restriction useless? 0.00
Are diamonds with question marks normal in a encrypted message? +0.25
Why eclipse compiles a file that shell javac or mvn produces an err... -0.91
Why 8th decimal digit is recognized in 16_711_711f == 16_711_712f,... 0.00