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Joachim Sauer

1721.67 (79th)
245,527 (168th)
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Title Δ
Why does ObjectOutputStream.readObject() return object of type Obje... 0.00
In Java, length of "\1", "\12", "\377"... 0.00
How to append prefix to each string in a list after mapping? 0.00
How to iterate over List<? extends E> in Java and use the act... 0.00
ISO-8859-9/Latin-9 encoding 0.00
StAX: START_DOCUMENT on empty XML file 0.00
Which one is faster: array[i] + n vs array[i+1] 0.00
Cloning a git repo and keeping the original unchanged 0.00
How to share an object between Java classes? 0.00
Confusion regarding ASCII 0.00
How can I supply a symbol to a Java annotation? 0.00
What does the \u{...} notation mean in UNICODE and why are only som... 0.00
Why is getResource or getResourceAsStream method placed in Class.ja... 0.00
Converting List<String> to String using java streams 0.00
Can't compile java file using CLI 0.00
why is my primality test failing so often when randomizing a BigInt... 0.00
Why is this lambda expression cast using an ampersand? 0.00
Why is getBlob() retrieving Integer data from my Blob column in my... 0.00
What does domain-specific protocol mean? 0.00
When I enterd 10 as input the output is 10 and 5. Why value Doesn&#... 0.00
"BufferedInputStream" vs "FileInputStream with confi... 0.00
How to precisely calculate distances in Java? 0.00
How to transform this piece of code using Java 8? 0.00
Java converts long to int 0.00
Java reflection : what modifying at runtime means? 0.00
Are these characters valid for XML? 0.00
Why is the int in try compiled into byte 0.00
better option for string concatenation 0.00
An array is monotonic if it is either monotone increasing or monoto... 0.00
Java DB new record inserting in wrowng row 0.00
Meaning of -1 port value in 0.00
How would you implement a class instance counter in Java? 0.00
What's the meaning of the second "if" statement (caes... -0.96
Error in server client File Transfer program? +0.21
Import a class with same name as current class 0.00
JVM object referenced by 'foo_model' is of type 'Class&... 0.00
Check size(variable) of all string in List using Java Stream +0.21
Encoding of a java source file +0.22
Should the data inserted into a method be as primitive as possible? -0.19
What's the advantages in these 2 types of declaration? 0.00
javascript understanding if else statement +0.40
If is not executed unless System.out.println is used or while debug... 0.00
Does the GC collect an object with no reference variable, even if t... 0.00
Java getChars method in Integer class, why is it using bitwise oper... +0.73
How to handle the exceptions after throwing them in main method? 0.00
JavaDoc is missing in Maven Jar 0.00
What is causing the Java Class Cast Exception Error? 0.00
I have tried to run my first Java code but I am getting "symbo... 0.00
Is there any way to solve this error when compiling in android stud... 0.00
Java InternetAddress not validating email properly -0.78