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Joachim Sauer

1716.26 (82nd)
241,782 (166th)
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Title Δ
Is it sensible to use the hash code of a class as its serialVersion... 0.00
Relationship between Alnum and IsAlphabetic character classes in Ja... 0.00
(this.static variable) vs (static variable) +0.94
using toString() -0.97
What is difference between size() and mappingCount() in ConcurrentH... +0.22
Variations in byte value of a string 0.00
How a dbms server sends a ResultSet to a client? 0.00
Cast a hexadecimal string to a class object +1.06
Java - NumberValue to String without Currency sign 0.00
Why concatenating a list of chars returns an unexpected string? +0.15
Why String, StringBuffer and StringBuilder classes use byte array i... -1.87
Why does this give "0" in the output? +0.23
UTF-8 encoding why prefix 10? +0.72
Java 8 - Current date minus 1 day +0.22
Why is Locale final in Java? 0.00"a[href]") not getting all the href 0.00
Checking if a process is runing on linux via Java code +0.26
Why this C program display this result? 0.00
How to test for null keys on any Java map implementation? -1.24
Does PSYoungGen has initial space, why no instance created,but some... 0.00
Why can I compile it, when I am missing the last level directory in... 0.00
Behavior of lamba functions in Java 8 +1.73
Unable to detect the String encoding -2.02
What is Common Locale Data Repository (CLDR) - JDK 9 +0.21
Is reference variable and Object created from a class using new key... +0.22
java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space exception +0.98
Java assignment operator execution +0.32
Average of two LocalTimes +0.76
java convert hex to ascii - java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: hex... 0.00
DOM4J utf-8 encoding Umlaute(Ä,ü,ß) incorrectly 0.00
Check if subclass implements an interface in parent class? -1.86
unsupported encoding: UTF-8 0.00
Compute sha256 ignoring metadata - Javascript 0.00
Android bug: DateFormat() sometimes shows 12hr format, when it shou... +0.22
adb command's equivalent version in java? 0.00
Isn't effectively final/final restriction useless? 0.00
Are diamonds with question marks normal in a encrypted message? +0.25
Why eclipse compiles a file that shell javac or mvn produces an err... -0.91
Why 8th decimal digit is recognized in 16_711_711f == 16_711_712f,... 0.00
Improper output while filtering a hashmap +0.22
Error copying file from directory to another directory of the inter... 0.00
Error deserializing a BigDecimal 0.00
Null pointer exception error in different areas of anagramManager p... 0.00
Unable to use any java HttpServer methods 0.00
What do the parentheses around `x === y` mean? +0.22
Does declaring a variable count towards big O notation? -0.53
When i pass an Arraylist from main.activity to reciever.activity ge... -1.52
getDeclaredMethods() in Class class +0.97
Best way to avoid deadlock for several objects transaction? +0.23
Problemes with try block and ArrayList [Java] +1.14