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Joachim Sauer

1718.61 (87th)
245,527 (171st)
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Title Δ
Can I use conditional operator in if condition from remote database... 0.00
Return a variable from inside a lambda -0.78
How can code this unique ascii art in java? 0.00
How to access current size of HashTable from another class in Java 0.00
Trying to implement a more efficient way but code is not working (F... -0.76
Does putting intermediary math results into variables improve perfo... +0.22
Is this format: "U+043E;U+006F,U+004D" some sort of encod... -1.04
Testing a class without using another class 0.00
Why am I getting Requirements check failed for JDK 8 ('1.8.*... +0.22
Is it necessary to maintain high and low variables in binary search? 0.00
Is V8 engine inside of the JavaScript runtime or is JavaScript Runt... 0.00
Object literal in JavaScript try block +1.08
Java: substring from index to end 0.00
forEach java 8 throws StackOverflow Error for big dataset 0.00
Field isn't instantiated before use +0.22
Getting StackOverFlow error while trying to code Merge Sort in Java +1.03
Why is serialisation necessary for sending data? +0.67
I delete " } else { } " but the code is still correct? -0.25
How do I run a java program in the terminal using short form? -0.30
Why time not converted according to time zone? 0.00
What does highest means when gradle handle dependency conflict? 0.00
Would a statement as a whole count as an expression? -0.79
How does Xor determine which int is different? +0.51
Official repository of Unicode character names 0.00
Do we require 10 different ports to run 10 clients 0.00
Extract all True properties and add to a list +0.54
Should you use an object as a method parameter for a method within... -0.38
Getting different result StringBuilder vs String using recusrion in... 0.00
Java 8 Consumer with additional parameters -0.76
Java byteArray equivalent in Node.js 0.00
How to know the used size out of maximum size of an array in c prog... +1.25
Need help fixing errors on a Java Project -0.33
NIO channels do not exist without IO streams? -0.82
What is Source Compatibility in Java? +0.24
How can I write this expression more compactly in Java 8? 0.00
Java Random with seed always starts with same number 0.00
Class type as a parameter in Java +0.19
UnhandledPromiseRejectionWarning: Cannot set headers after they are... +0.22
How to simplify the code of two similar methods? -2.62
Can a parent class create an instance of its subclass? 0.00
Difference between Concurrent HashMap merge() and put() +1.17
Character reader (like FileReader) with dynamic repositioning based... 0.00
Does "Logging with slf4j at warn level", prevent the runn... 0.00
ByteBuffer to String & VIce Versa diferent result 0.00
What are the alternatives of a data class in java? 0.00
Is it necessary to add synchronized to my code? -0.29
How can a local variable become not thread safe in Java? 0.00
Is it compulsory to assign null to a reference variable before reas... +0.21
List<String> JUnit +1.08
A trap of remove and size of hashmap in Java? 0.00