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Simon Mourier

1626.66 (949th)
104,166 (695th)
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Title Δ
How to include Windows.Security.Credentials.UI namespace into C# pr... 0.00
How to get filename with extension in shell envirionment (winapi)? 0.00
Windows API to get whether HDR(High Dynamic Range) is active 0.00
Adding CsWinRT nuget breaks using Windows.System namespace 0.00
Getting MSFT_Partition from MSFT_Disk using Associators 0.00
Windows API behind "virtual files" in OneDrive 0.00
read the file that is opened with my console application in C++ 0.00
What parameter do I have wrong for ID2D1DeviceContext::CreateBitmap? 0.00
Net5 calls the external DLL method and the return value is const ch... 0.00
How to get content of array from C++ dll in C# -1.96
AccessViolation on Graphics.DrawString() 0.00
Discover which monitor has touch capabilities on Windows 10 0.00
C# unsafe performance vs unmanaged PInvoke call 0.00
IDispatch Invoke() returns Type mismatch 0.00
How does COM client code refer to the IID in the type library? 0.00
Dot Net Core dll as COM dll with events 0.00
Is there a simple example to use COM IFileBasedLogInit or ILog inte... 0.00
Getting the numeric value of a given Windows message identifier 0.00
per-pixel transparent window using Windows Composition engine in C++ 0.00
DXGI AcquireNextFrame receives the next frame only after 20ms (50fp... 0.00
transparent window using Windows Composition engine in c++ 0.00
can calling RtlGenRandom (SystemFunction036) in multi threads retri... 0.00
Is there a substitue for System.Runtime.InteropServices.Marshal.Get... +1.33
C++ Windows API - How to retrieve font scaling percentage 0.00
How to check if image has an alpha channel 0.00
'InvalidCastException' while trying to cast COM class to in... 0.00
How to launch OneNote and bring it to the foreground using OLE auto... 0.00
32-bit Visual C++ client fails to instantiate a COM class implement... 0.00
Is there a C equivalent of C#'s decimal type? -0.96
How to invoke the tlbexp command as post-build event to export a ty... 0.00
How to Render a Bitmap from BITMAPINFOHEADER and BYTE using Direct2D -0.18
How to open "Enter Network Credentials" in Windows 10 0.00
difference when rendering horizontal line using TextOut char by cha... 0.00
Extract information from RCDATA resource 0.00
Windows 10 Explorer file open dialog: filenames disappearing in com... 0.00
WMI: Querying a specific instance of a class 0.00
C# drawing on windows 0.00
Using IAmsiStream from .Net leads to AccessViolationException 0.00
How to use D3D12GetDebugInterface API from c#? 0.00
Do SmartPointers passed as a generic pointer type need to be freed... 0.00
How can I use types from a wrapped resource outside of the wrapper? -0.68
CoCreateInstance returning "REGDB_E_CLASSNOTREG Class not regi... 0.00
How to remove/hide 'Property Pages' button from a PropertyG... 0.00
CreateHwndRenderTarget throwing exception: read access violation. *... 0.00
Why OLE DB IRowset.GetNextRows access violation 0.00
C++ Implementation code in an interface declaration +0.32
Redefinition error in propidlbase.idl when compiling ATL project in... +0.31
Direct Composition, IDCompositionGaussianBlurEffect Throwing Access... +1.74
How should I pass an array of strings to a C library using P/Invoke? +1.40
Get selected files from Desktop 0.00