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1511.04 (64,368th)
2,331 (72,298th)
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Title Δ
Efficiently avoid large intermediate array in computation? +0.49
Elementwise maximum of sparse Scipy matrix & vector with broadc... +2.15
python: how to make the numba based for loop faster +1.90
removing loops with numpy.einsum +0.12
Speed up random weighted choice without replacement in python +2.59
How to make numpy function faster with numba +2.22
Sympy lambdify ImmutableDenseMatrix with numexpr 0.00
TypeError with Numba when averaging rows in numpy array 0.00
python: fastest way to compute euclidean distance of a vector to ev... 0.00
Any chance of making this faster? (numpy.einsum) 0.00
How to use numba parallel? 0.00
Scipy Sparse Matrix Loop Taking Forever - Need to make more efficient -1.76
How to accelerate scipy.map_coordinates for multiple interpolations? +0.48
Efficient tensor contraction with Python 0.00
Use NumPy cleverly to speed up this loop +0.51
Efficiently computing all pairwise products of a given vector's... -1.01
Making numpy einsum faster for multidimensional tensors 0.00
Fast way to bin a 2D array in python +0.15
Why doesn't code acceleration work with Cython? -1.02
Why this code can't be parallelised with Numba? 0.00
What would be the computationally faster way to implement this 2D n... +0.49
Loop speed up of FFT in python (with `np.einsum`) +0.49
How to speed up the following code using numba? 0.00
Efficiently Calculating a Euclidean Dist Matrix in Numpy? +0.01
is there an efficient way to iterate trough all ndarray elements -0.00
rewriting a loop in numpy for faster execution +0.40
Advanced indexing alternative for njit numba function -1.59
Calculating distances between vectors of two numpy arrays 0.00
python numba.guvectorize fails: "LV: Can't vectorize due t... 0.00
Is it possible to implement this version of matrix multiplication u... +0.60
Python: Fastest way of packing a 2d array of binary values into UIN... -1.49
nearest neighbour search 4D space python fast - vectorization 0.00
Discrepancy in performance between log division and log subtraction... 0.00
Is there a vectorized way to check whether the ith element of a 1D... -0.60
Speeding up Numba distance calculation 0.00
Is there a fast Python algorithm to find all points in a dataset wh... -0.82
Gaussian kernel performance +0.49
Fastest Python log-sum-exp in a 'reduceat' 0.00
Optimization of code snippet including multiple np.multipy statements +1.07
Numba: Fast way of replacing keys with values in an array +2.04
Binary Coded Decimal dtype in numpy +0.01
Translating Matlab to Python - Speeding up a loop +0.51
Minimizing overhead due to the large number of Numpy dot calls +2.50
Improve performance of exponentiation +2.49
Effificient distance-like matrix computation (manual metric function) 0.00
multiplying an integer numpy array with a float scalar without inte... +0.88
Hausdorff distance for large dataset in a fastest way +0.53
Efficiently return insertion point indices with fractional componen... +3.06
Distance matrix for custom distance 0.00
Fast way to convert upper triangular matrix into symmetric matrix -0.98