An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1575.19 (3,384th)
17,941 (7,772nd)
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Title Δ
Exempt several site folders from forced https:// 0.00
How to define different vars for different environment in node.js? 0.00
bundling multiple js files +0.14
Typescript not detecting null check and complaining about argument... +1.80
How can I select the adjacent table cell using jQuery +0.64
Update intermediary npm dependencies with package-lock.json 0.00
git fetch blacklist remote +1.69
Notice: Undefined index: HTTPS in [...] 0.00
switch between colors in jquery 0.00
Trim non-printing unicode in JS 0.00
Revert a merge commit from a protected branch on 0.00
Match what is beetwen bracket with Regex (and only that) -0.55
HTML does not show decoded %3C? +1.65
htaccess canonical URL subdirectory +0.44
Array can't take values from variable +0.39
Babelify and native Node modules 0.00
Do not display Save message when isNan value +0.39
Browserify DataTables 0.00
Comma in data causing syntax error +1.68
Offline webapp - Storing JavaScript objects 0.00
Little clarification needed with regards to closures in javascript -0.63
If Meta exists get value and insert text into a div html? +1.31
one function for multiple buttons with different id -1.83
error in calculating dates in php fuctions +1.51
use one function for multiple IDs jquery toggle -0.03
HTML 5 pattern not working for onclick event of button 0.00
Change directory in Node.js command prompt 0.00
Are there fictional test users for LinkedIn or Facebook? 0.00
What's a good name for the part of a URL after the hostname? +0.41
HTML5 input type time, when 00:00:00 value isn't completely the... 0.00
Time delay function to reveal image over several days +0.40
What is the purpose of window.navigator.appCodeName? +0.44
Converting a Distance string into a Number +1.52 vs +0.38
Line by line execution for javascript object 0.00
PHP: most efficient way of structuring IF clauses +1.04
Do not allow a single "-" but still allow for negative va... 0.00
Converting an unknown to an array in PHP -0.09
Implementing a smarter $.extend? 0.00
select multiple records based on order by -0.10
Why is github showing different authorname? -2.61
Select parent with children that has a certain class -0.32
Access variable from outrside of class 0.00
Pass a variable directly into getElementById using the parameter (J... -0.46
Express JS authorization middleware -0.63
How can I correctly retrieve the current year value using JavaScript? -0.16
<input type='date'> is not working firefox?why give m... -0.12
Create elements in a loop and use different values -0.88
how to show months and years from two date in PHP +0.41
Snow by date php +0.66