An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1464.39 (4,525,600th)
9,531 (16,123rd)
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Title Δ
Why the value is not moved with Option unwrap? +1.89
Rust std::net::UdpSocket no method named recv_from 0.00
How do I use the postgres crate to receive table modification event... 0.00
Trying to modify a list based on multiple user inputs +0.37
Python remove tuple from a Two-dimensional list -1.85
Iterate through a json list with dictionaries 0.00
How to Search 100,000 Edges Fast? 0.00
Get key for dict if the search item in value (value is a list) -0.92
Why the return is a item of the list, not the list itsef +0.31
Querying and totaling certian elements in a list -0.60
How to exclude string from tuple to show the integer values only? -0.27
How to combine the dictionaries in python -0.41
extract zip files using python -0.50
How to find some successive letters letters in a string without ove... +0.23
Python- Converting tuple to list of multiple lists by index +0.46
Python Prime Sum Programme +0.55
Python sorting multiple tuples 0.00
how to sort a mathematical expression with a sum sign in python -0.48
How to determine the output values given multiple "if" st... +0.54
Argument mismatch in python constructor +0.56
How to assign value to function parameter in python +1.22
get same value for keys into another dictionary from List of Dictio... -0.12
Print first 20 nodes of a tree -0.28
When does it make sense to use an abstract class -1.09
Memory Allocation Failure in C++(using new & delete) +0.55
Difference between type and class in c++? -0.64
Data Structure Interview -0.20
Does an balanced binary tree has an unique form? +0.13
Find the pair in array with condition -0.93
Why does destructor get called twice in here? -1.38
Why is my copy constructor being called when I return *this from a... +0.95
"in" list equivalent in c++ +1.19
Get a pointer to C++ function library in c program +1.51
Inner class destructor is called after Base class destructor -1.50
Advantage of Binary Search Tree over vector in C++ +0.04
Why do I get a "vector subscript out of range" error for... 0.00
Why does the compiler complains when I declare and define a constru... 0.00
initialize a non-const reference by a temporary variable -0.45
C++ static data members initialization +0.56
add_edge(v1, v2, graph)- time complexity 0.00
Different behaviour of returning class object from a function 0.00
Using char* or char [] in struct C++ +0.88
How to link all the nodes at the same level in a tree -0.46
Constants in function prototype +2.02
Inheriting a C++ interface and LSP violation 0.00
Confused about references and pointers in my BFS tile class -2.08
Petting Zoo c++ / Inheritance Class/Subclasses 0.00
Inherited pure virtual functions +1.87
Sorting using a while loop and a for loop? -0.86
calling a parent constructor C++ +0.96