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Seamus Campbell

1584.45 (2,610th)
16,545 (8,385th)
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Title Δ
Unable to interpret '|' character 0.00
Why use a wildcard (_) in Swift? +0.76
Why is an object not automatically set to nil when its reference co... 0.00
Fade In UIImageView +1.48
UIButton not calling target's selector +0.37
access to different levels of a json file 0.00
animateWithDuration not working correctly 0.00
Why is alloc needed in Objective-C object initialization? +0.90
Understanding what libraries are packaged with an iOS app 0.00
Why is NSDecimalNumber crashing when I try to use decimalNumberByMu... 0.00
Lightweight migration / addPersistentStoreWithType hangs app launch? 0.00
Getting 3 warnings when using PickerView +1.35
PIckerView is not showing anything 0.00
Accessing ManagedObjectContext -0.11
Please clear some confusions regarding UIViewController 0.00
Simplest way to identify an Interface Builder element in code 0.00
animateWithDuration doesn't properly run when in NSOperation comple... +0.37
Where is the code describing IBOutlet and IBAction connections? 0.00
UIViewController hanging after viewWillAppear 0.00
NSSortDescriptor Order Values Less than 10.0 0.00
How do you reference variables from another class? 0.00
Resize UIScrollView with setcontentsize 0.00
scrollview is showing only the last added subview -0.35
iOS: Set Property before Changing View -0.11
UIView not autoresizing subview -0.63
UIScrollView content changing its origin point +0.39
JSON with "(" ")" brackets istead of "[&qu... 0.00
How do I simultaneously animate a UIImageView's image and the UIIma... +1.27
UIImage Resize with aspect ratio -> SAVE JPG -> LOAD -> im... 0.00
How to send a notification with parameters on Objective-C? -0.04
No visible @interface for 'NSURLRequest' declares the selector 'ini... +1.64
Memory efficiency of three properties compared to one NSDictionary -2.54
expected identifier or '(' in xcode 4.6.1 -2.14
respondsToSelector and class_getInstanceMethod -2.08
How to add a navigation bar and a backbutton in it in my xCode 4 ap... 0.00
Does adding a subview also add that view's subviews? 0.00
Adding shadow on all four sides of an UIImage iOS 6.0 0.00
Objective-c release called so many times -2.04
Can the @property directive be used on primitive data types? +0.84
Fetch objects from core data with the 10 soonest dates +1.44
-[NSDictionary initWithObjects:forKeys:]: count of objects (0) diff... +2.06
How can I make a transparent background for selected cells in UITab... 0.00
Determine when UITableViewCell is deallocated +0.43
iPad: How can I click buttons underneath transparent portions of a... +0.38
I've dropped iOS 5, how do I remove iOS 5.x from Xcode's scheme tar... 0.00
Define CGPoint having angle and diameter 0.00
Terminating app due to uncaught exception 'CALayerInvalidGeometry',... 0.00
Accessing UIView from UIViewController 0.00
SQLite Not Importing Properly into iOS 0.00
Searchbar works correctly but doesn't show any results -0.17