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Robert Crabtree

1530.44 (17,709th)
144 (554,297th)
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Title Δ
Extend Collection: Array and Set, but not Dictionary 0.00
Swift: For-in loop requires '[DeepSpeechTokenMetadata]' to... 0.00
how to merge two arrays into a struct 0.00
How to pass block arguments through performSelector? 0.00
Realm updates are not saving 0.00
How to filter sub list object in realm using swift? 0.00
Removing duplicate month and years in a array of dictionary and the... 0.00
How can I centre a view when using a large nav title? 0.00
how to add element in the array which select by switch case 0.00
UITableViewCell with UIStackView with varying items? 0.00
How to resolve generic property in protocol with associatedtype? 0.00
Image fails to work as a mask with Core Graphics 0.00
iOS Spin UIImageView with deceleration motion at random position 0.00
How to create an array of Result type in swift? 0.00
Animate UIView position on tableview scroll and again tableview drag 0.00
Swift 2D Array Performance 0.00
How can I make a variable take only one of certain values in Swift 5 0.00
Combine arrays when they have similar element -0.42
How can I make a segmented control show different numbers of cells? 0.00
Swift: How to check the date is after today? +0.69
Set height for UIImageView in UITableViewCell using height / width... 0.00
how to set local notifications between 8am and 8pm every day 0.00
Finding the difference between 2 dates in Swift 0.00
Swift: Using an enum to represent the rank of Playing Cards 0.00
How to avoid infinite loop on swift property observer +0.45
Swift, Protocols and Generics in Genetic Algorithm +0.46
Auto layout with textview inside views [Swift] 0.00
Changing Label text on main controller after modal closed swift macOS 0.00
Color a string based on occurrences in a Variable String 0.00
use slider to to change width and height of NSLAYOUT constraint ima... 0.00
How to Find Orphaned List Items in Realm +2.02
Check conformance to a dynamic collection of metatypes 0.00
CABasicAnimation to emulate a 'pulse' effect animation on a... 0.00
Tableview crashes when I try to get images from firebase 0.00
Check for metatype conformance dynamically 0.00
Sets of random numbers with no duplicates 0.00
Swift String's count property time complexity 0.00
How to make a reusable view accept generic types 0.00
How top Stop arranged Subview Clipping in StackView 0.00
Creating a UIStackView with percentage values for distribution +5.11
Error passing data to tableViewController 0.00
Detect UITableViewCells that appear on the screen 0.00
Convert a list to a tree -0.40
How Query and Count entries in a Realm Database 0.00
rightBarButtonItem appearing in the centre of NavigationBar -4.49
Using enums case as segment control to show types of data in picker... +3.73
Adding a list of strings to a Realm managed object causes the app t... 0.00
Get array of dates from an array of dates -3.43
Implementing UISearchBar with UITableView 0.00
Variables arent changing in the if statemene even though it runs th... 0.00