An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1513.94 (47,486th)
1,858 (89,227th)
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Title Δ
Passing a object by reference in c++ -1.87
Does && in c++ behave the same as && in Java? -0.56
How do I read values into a structure using pointers? +3.94
Reading/Writing from STL Map in multithreaded environment -0.72
Converting an int into a 4 byte char array (C) -1.11
Is typedef'ing a pointer type considered bad practice? -2.70
C get mode from list of integers -3.75
given a number p , find two elements in array whose product = P +3.61
How do you organize your class definitions and declarations? +3.80
Explicit Instantiation +1.85
What is the C equivalent to the C++ cin statement? -0.66
How to properly cast an object? +3.83
T is not a class but it is -0.21
python: reference "private" variables' names in an organi... -2.94
Elegant way of finding two consecutive values in sorted array that... +4.72
What does this `ld` error ("undefined reference") mean? +3.84
use of rand() function to generate ascii values +3.91
function returns pointer to int -2.65
C++ - What would be faster: multiplying or adding? +2.14
How to convert char * to a System::string ^ 0.00
Algorithm to find which number in a list sum up to a certain number 0.00
Regex to parse C/C++ functions declarations +0.60
Sort by proxy (or: sort one container by the contents of another) i... -1.60
All factors of a given number +1.48
Check if multiple strings exist in another string +2.28
How to prove a binary tree is indeed a binary search tree? -3.56
arbitrary datatype ratio converter +0.25