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Simon Wright

1623.72 (993rd)
17,679 (7,908th)
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Title Δ
How to add vectors in Ada 0.00
Is there an Ada function similar to GotoXY? 0.00
Ada: Using a private variable in a precondition of a public function 0.00
Formal parameter "Item" is not referenced 0.00
How to write a population-growth table in Ada? 0.00
Ada Access to Unconstrained Type at Static Address 0.00
Ada synchronization- how to make code faster? 0.00
Dining Philosopher problem Ada- Implementing ID Dispenser 0.00
Semaphores in Ada 0.00
The type of a Loop Parameter 0.00
Ada: Re-exporting enum type values 0.00
No GNATtest in GNAT Community Edition? -0.42
Does Ada have a standard stack implementation? +1.56
Ada GNATprove Command_Line.Argument precondition fail -0.17
Drawing Bowling Pins (pyramid) with Recursion in Ada +0.08
How do you check if string ends with another string in Ada? -0.50
Drawing a book's cover with folds (Ada) +0.35
Package bodies and main programs. Simple assignment (Ada) +0.36
Constraint_Error raised when using modular types not divisble by 8 +1.17
Constraint_Error raised when using modular types not divisble by 8 -0.83
Ada: flexible Text_IO File_Type for redirecting output with SET_OUT... -0.06
Updating the Compiler for the GPS Community Edition 2019 IDE 0.00
Printing array of integers generates weird output in Ada +0.07
How to use a generic type? +0.33
INTSTALLING GNATCOLL SQL & POSTGRES - Centos7 Linux, without us... -0.66
How to install Gnatcoll Postgres on Linux Centos 7 0.00
How to save Doubly_Linked_Lists text to a file for Ada language? Al... +0.70
How to use Ada doubly linked lists -0.14
Ada - Accessibility check raised within a procedure 0.00
Ada compilation warnings 0.00
What address clause for a GNAT.Sockets.Selector_Type 0.00
Cutting a string at first space 0.00
Building GCC-Ada, Syntax error compiling s-excmac.adb with very old... -0.51
How to use a type from a child package / generic package instantiat... +0.34
FreeRTOS + GNAT Ada compiled library 0.00
Generic function returning map -0.15
Access Types for Stack Allocated Array in Ada +0.35
Ada. Getting "Depends on" when running in terminal 0.00
Ada - (Streams) How to correctly call String'Read () without kn... +1.28
Program verification in SPARK - Counting elements in an array +0.02
instantiation of a generic tree pointer ada 0.00
Multi-Tasking on Embedded Devices with Ravenscar +0.33
Ada - how to initialize a limited tagged type that contains File_Ty... -2.51
How to fix leaks memory valgrind using linekd list? -0.16
How do I handle an int** in Ada? 0.00
Unable to compile and run simple Ada application 0.00
Ada Programming - Socket blocking behaviour -0.17
How to link an externally built C library to Ada default runtime ma... +0.33
Why don't prefixed calls work on access types? +1.49
Newbie question on Ada generic package with a protected object +0.35