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1486.84 (4,455,861st)
162 (527,209th)
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Title Δ
Typescript: determine object type from property in object's pro... 0.00
What is the difference between boilerplate code and API? +3.68
Difference between declaration of object in Swift 0.00
Login & password change PHP & MYsql +0.20
load latitude and longitude from API before map loads Swift 3 0.00
Is arithmetic allowed in a Java array subscript? +4.95
iOS: presentViewController in different storyboard is not showing n... -4.33
Substitution Cipher Alphabet to QWERTY 0.00
Unable to remove empty elements from ArrayList of String 0.00
Multiple try statements; returning to the corresponding try stateme... -4.04
How to access the value of a text field in Unity(5.6.0)? +4.83
i need to create a password checker -1.50
In javaFx, Why do we need to call "getChildren()" when we... -3.10
I can't open the jar file of the project 0.00
How do I get this guessing game to work? +0.39
System.out.println print at the same time -4.02
Extract between html tag with unknown tagname? -3.48
Create property with same name as type -3.98
Merge arrylists and save as arraylist with in arraylist -1.99
Why some programmers like to add final keyword in the method params? -0.96
Any progress with programming Java for iOS? -0.01
The algorithm compares two lists, synchronization tables +0.19
sound in Eclipse, but no sound in runnable JAR file 0.00
How do I set up my Java chatroom program to work with port forwardi... 0.00
I don't know why my JOptionPane isn't displaying here 0.00