An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Syed Muhammad Zeeshan

1424.84 (4,190,796th)
760 (191,664th)
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Title Δ
FBSDK Share not working in react-native app. On some android device... -0.41
setting active class in masterpage +0.27
Parse Json object in c# without using class +0.41
Splitting a line of text that has key value pairs where value can b... +2.04
jQuery - Use Body Text As Selector +0.89
How to make a dynamic accordion menu with jQuery 0.00
Selecting class hover after from jquery -1.03
How to call "click" on input type "file" by cal... +0.11
jQuery format time to remove seconds and add AM or PM -1.22
How can i modify this function to accept space also inside Text Input -0.21
How to animate List from Down to Up -3.11
How to make button show up after clicking hidden button? 0.00
how to summing text field in same id? -0.55
How do I clear a text EditorFor +4.84
Issue in the alignment of Divs +0.49
Animate partial view from AJAX-call 0.00
ASP.NET MVC - How to call void controller method without leaving th... +2.20
Div updated with AJAX result loses update -1.02
jQuery post is redirecting page +0.54
How to parse and round a string value to the nearest whole number? -0.86
understanding event handlers +1.03
Failed to replace 'if' statement with 'switch' stat... -1.41
Limit width of div to parent width, otherwise use ellipse +1.36
change part of the url text and reload page +0.42
Can I have 2 JavaScript onClick events in a single element? -2.27
Setting Internal Borders within table using css -0.35
Add class when element is created -1.44
why does jquery returns null for element height? -0.68
Model not binding in MVC +4.58
how to pass dropdown selected value in jquery plugin -0.37
how to add Select Box arrow in left side +4.78
Two model type in one View +0.68
$.ajax not working in chrome and firefox but is working in IE +0.89
Submit without validation +0.98
how to replace URL with same hyperlink in html +0.80
Changing divs when hovering over a different div -0.48
how can I get path of file from input api -2.04
How to create a button that looks like a telphone button +1.09
How to render (image) data from the model in the view? +1.44
Jquery - capture element by it's style property value and then... +0.22
How to select all elements of the same class before +0.99
How i can display three Div and one form to be just below each other +2.93
Disable hover for a button using css class +0.88
How do I get the input element to be selected? (text highlighted) +1.26
CSS background-size property -0.96
move selected values form textbox to dropdpwn 0.00
JQuery : Add class to a element based on a condition +0.43
Change style of another element when contenteditable has focus -2.60
Set multiple html tags with same structure to height of the next div -0.79
How to simulate keypress to a textbox in Firefox or Chrome? -1.04