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Cameron Lowell Palmer

1497.70 (3,835,025th)
14,821 (9,510th)
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Title Δ
CMake - Changing shared library link options -0.49
Getting CMake to output Dylib or Framework with Bitcode 0.00
Run a CMake superbuild once and only once +0.17
Authenticating FreeRadius request with Atlassian Crowd 0.00
Why calling setNeedsUpdateConstraints isn't needed for constrai... +0.04
OpenSSL - compile out of source 0.00
Building Boost for iOS in a CMake Superbuild - Post-Build Processin... 0.00
How to link my static library to my c++ project CMake? 0.00
Model relations based on a key in the attributes of a Swift Decodab... -0.51
Fast Matlab Matrix to Java List conversion 0.00
Programmatically writing a texture and reading it in fragment shader 0.00
Same IP address or name on OS X ad-hoc network 0.00
How to calculate the camera position from Vuforia GL matrix? 0.00
Bypass Vuforia's handling of the camera image and pose 0.00
Android, CMake and Static Linking 0.00
Compile Automake (configure) based project using Android NDK 0.00
Validate Android NDK compiled library is compiled for correct archi... 0.00
SCNNode's convertTransform - Behind the scenes 0.00
Use SceneKit to fix a model and output the result 0.00
Fragment discard leaves strange pixel pattern 0.00
Passing values between SCNShadable entry points +0.01
SCNShadable get transformed vertex -1.99
Translate geometry of object so all subsequent transforms include t... 0.00
Using Vuforia provided Projection Matrix and Marker Pose in SceneKit 0.00
Vuforia using Metal and SceneKit 0.00
Using python to clean up string encoding problems in text files 0.00
Should IBOutlets be strong or weak under iOS9? 0.00
Memory write performance - GPU CPU Shared Memory 0.00
Swift, C++ and structs 0.00
Using Accelerate Framework complex number support in Swift 0.00
How to reconstruct grayscale image from intensity values? 0.00
Sending JSON data over WebSocket from Matlab using Python Twisted a... 0.00
Get pixel data as array from UIImage/CGImage in swift 0.00
Houghpeaks function in Hough transform ( matlab code ) 0.00
searching large arrays in Objective-C -0.18
Hough Transform with Matlab 0.00
Forcing iPhone6 to take 3x or Retina4 2x graphics -0.05
MATLAB urlread - How to POST data in JSON format? 0.00
iOS Accelerate Framework vImage - Performance improvement? +0.25
Android Gradle Plugin 1.1.0 - getNdkFolder() not found anymore, any... 0.00
OpenGL ES Screen Projection Matrix and Camera Projection Matrix -0.50
VTK Position Camera to Fill Viewport with Object 0.00
Converting CVImageBuffer to YUV420 object 0.00
How to start with Augmented reality to create my own framework (Not... 0.00
OpenCV measure rectangular image size +0.00
1080p AVCaptureSession 0.00
Android debugging ndk-gdb 0.00
How/when to generate Gradle wrapper files? 0.00
QCAR::Image to UIImage - CoreGraphics and retain crash 0.00
UIScrollView not working with Autolayout called from a Tab Bar Cont... 0.00