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1577.70 (3,228th)
20,174 (6,742nd)
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Title Δ
C++ dynamic memory allocation weird output -0.55
print a list of numbers using template metaprogramming +0.63
Output not getting print after matrix multiplication 0.00
what does this template do? -0.61
calling a base function on a derived object -0.68
C++ scope to define a variable? -1.93
Const_iterator member variable not pointing to the begin of a vecto... 0.00
How do I find out the type of a class instance template? +0.40
Const return type for a view object 0.00
Error: invalid type argument of unary '*' (have 'int... 0.00
Passing a variable to a constructor in c++ +1.16
vector resize seems to require default constructor in C++ >= 11 +0.74
Why isn't every algorithm O(1)? -1.57
Factory pattern for child classes with changing parameter/ return t... 0.00
How is it possible that std::shared_ptr<Derived> casts to std... 0.00
Inline code in C++: options and their advantages/disadvantages -0.17
how to store a certain set of integer value in C++ -0.22
Does the condition variable blocks the rest of the execution ? C++ -0.24
Ambiguity when using << >> operators -0.14
error: inconsistent types 'std::optional<double>' and... -1.41
Adressing variables by variable names +0.38
Pointer to pointer assignment and dereference in C++ -0.43
why cout statement is not working after pointer initialization? 0.00
Acquiring the first column of a CSV file without reading entire row... -0.12
Allow to use only a defined set of structures values 0.00
What happens when converting char * to string *? 0.00
Tuple of shared_ptr from variadic template? 0.00
How do I make it so that numbers are being read so I can calculate... 0.00
Template function call parameter constructor +1.91
Why are vectors' size static and we still can add more values? 0.00
Preventing getting the address of items in a container in C++ -0.17
C++ and incomplete friend classes +1.14
if code is using "implicit boolean conversions".can valid... 0.00
Overload operator '<<' without output streaming inten... +0.26
Second FOR loop is being skipped +0.39
Is there a c++ std solution to filter and reduce without creating a... -2.08
Ambiguous function call in C++ +1.23
The minimum number of applications of the process? 0.00
Time limit Exceeded in if-else -0.64
What does this C++ for-loop expression mean? -0.65
Accessing attribute of Object Pointer in C++ 0.00
Can I access restricted memory space by pointers -1.32
I implemented queue using template to use with my custom data type... +0.13
Is a recursive function in a ternary operator evaluated twice? 0.00
pybind11 access private class member via reference 0.00
Why can i change value of int* in const int** type when getting mem... 0.00
Is it ok to access a private property of another second data object... 0.00
Disambiguate non-const and const access methods (Pybind11) 0.00
c++ forward variadac function arguments to a class constructor 0.00
Copy constructor called too many times -1.29