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1493.54 (4,205,577th)
8,560 (18,231st)
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Title Δ
Send push notification by using Parse from laravel web server to an... +0.01
Gradle finished with non-zero exit value 1 (ic_launcher.png: error:... -2.37
Android java.exe finished with non-zero exit value 1 +2.92
Proguard "Missing type parameter" on Samsung device +0.62
Can't access finding a File in the Android-Assets folder (Files... 0.00
how increase memory for application 0.00
sqlite autoincrement not work correctly -3.46
Android notifications actions without opening the app 0.00
Android Open Fragment over ViewPager 0.00
ListFragments inside ViewPager 0.00
Creating syncable Calendar in ICS 0.00
Play framework reverse routing with static parameters 0.00
Connection to apache server refused +0.02
Android app using Google calendar - Sync issue 0.00
PostgreSQL encoding issue 0.00
How to remove the text in progressBar in Android? 0.00
Tomcat5 startup - denied permission for catalina.out 0.00
Java - Storing File on FTP Server fails 0.00
Play in Production - Secure cannot be resolved to a type 0.00
How to Delete all the event from My calendar in my device Android 0.00
Best place to addHeaderView in ListFragment 0.00
No database connection via doctrine in symfony 0.00
Error getting images to show up in Symfony 1.4.8 -4.21
ProgressDialog - how to remove the numbers 0.00
android calendar delete event 0.00
Mac OS X Terminal Colors 0.00