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Maxim Egorushkin

1551.13 (7,357th)
96,710 (784th)
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Title Δ
makefile and git path problem on different computer 0.00
How to catch SIGTERM in a multi threaded Linux program using signalfd 0.00
Is it safe for two threads to write identical content to the same f... 0.00
Why does this call to sprintf_s() work, and how can I make this wor... 0.00
getting this error in pthread_create code? 0.00
Maximum number of childs in a chain of processes in C 0.00
How can I maximize mmap performance? 0.00
Retrieve available clients via UDP broadcast 0.00
How can I create a linked list where one node is pointing to more t... 0.00
decltype on an element of std::vector 0.00
Is jumping back in streams safe? (std::ifstream, std::ofstream) 0.00
How do I get sequential thread ids -1.64
when shutting down linux systemd sends multiple sigterm signals to... 0.00
C++: the easiest way to handle comma-delimited strings whose substr... 0.00
addition and multiplication of string in C++ +0.17
Order of int32_t to uint64_t casting -0.25
How to specify a gcc path in pip command? 0.00
What exacty is io_context? 0.00
Mutex locking hash map reduces performance 0.00
What is the correct way to convert 2 bytes to a signed 16-bit integ... -1.01
What is the correct way to convert 2 bytes to a signed 16-bit integ... +0.15
In c++, should ordinary functions return void or int? +0.25
Does the C/C++ memory model allow atomics at different granularitie... -0.55
Simple matrix exponentiation in c++ 0.00
Grep yyyy-mm from directories name +2.43
C - Detecting TCP socket broken connection +2.10
unordered_map emplace with default constructor +2.38
What sock_net() does? 0.00
Working from raw source data from a filepath containing spaces usin... 0.00
Atomic write and read +0.43
Clean way to stop/terminating a thread waiting on stdin in C++ -0.22
How should I use arrays as a class member in C++? -1.63
Is it safe to use boost provided shared memory and rt_signal (provi... 0.00
how to specify path with space inside file in linux +1.05
Is there any lightweight real-world example when there are no alter... -2.11
On the average modern x64 CPU is cmpxchg16b much slower than its 64... 0.00
Does C++ <mutex> header use hardware support when enforcing c... -0.23
Define a struct only if a template is used -0.28
Webhosting: SSD vs. HDD animation speed 0.00
Vector in static class -0.52
Singly-linked list insertion in C (pointer to pointer) -1.89
Why does std::reference_wrapper explicitly define a copy assignment... +1.05
sem_init and pthread_mutex_init -1.26
Find common values in map -0.35
Char to time_t conversion always returns Wed Dec 31 23:59:59 1969 +1.95
remove all lines from file except one -1.14
Concurrency design in image processing 0.00
How to pass a range of dates through the for loop in bash? -1.77
Is it possible to prevent a macro from hiding a function? -1.81
How do I properly declare a function returning own-defined type, bo... 0.00