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Maxim Egorushkin

1546.75 (8,789th)
96,710 (784th)
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Title Δ
Memory considerations for an array in a function with a variable size 0.00
How to send UDP datagrams from different applications but from the... 0.00
Where do we call 'Shm_unlink()' 0.00
filestream to vector, filesize wrong 0.00
Using 1GB pages degrade performance 0.00
Logs are not inserting in 'nohup.out' file 0.00
std::thread calling class methods 0.00
Without RTTI, in C++ how can I determine at runtime if an object in... 0.00
C: Does locking a pthread mutex place the thread in a FIFO queue? 0.00
Enabling AVX512 support on compilation significantly decreases perf... 0.00
What are for square brackets in an addressed-of pointer? 0.00
base class reference to derived object - strategy pattern 0.00
Correct way to validate the creation of multiple folders and files... 0.00
Can multiple threads acquire lock on the same object? 0.00
Is assigning a pointer in C program considered atomic on x86-64 0.00
Return a reference to std::variant that holds non-copyable alternat... 0.00
Is recursion preferred in this situation? 0.00
Shared_ptr implementation 0.00
Why does reinterpret_cast only work for 0? 0.00
string to numbers (vector array of int type)conversion 0.00
C++ | How can I break this inter-class dependency issue? 0.00
how to sort a vector without loosing its order c++? 0.00
How to pass an object or reference to a function? 0.00
When should I use decltype(expression)? 0.00
How to ensure a C++ function is declared before being defined (like... 0.00
pass own address while creating object in c++ 0.00
Initializing std::vector outside of main() causes performance drop... 0.00
Thread safety for multiple instance of object and multithreading 0.00
Make std::cout do not fail with O_NONBLOCK or make stdin O_NONBLOCK... 0.00
How to make shared library with all dependencies inside? 0.00
What is a vector in plain C? 0.00
Can I call a function of base type class when calling store() of at... 0.00
What is the recommended way to convert from long long int to uint64... 0.00
Close all threads, except the main -0.85
C++ Creating a dynamic library using source, static archives and ot... -0.57
Best way to convert ostream to std::vector<uint8_t> +0.08
C++: pass shared ptr by reference without breaking the sharing? +1.23
Executing code automatically at program start without violating ODR 0.00
Map a layout onto memory address +0.37
Packaging and Shipping GCC Compiler with all dependencies to AWS La... -1.40
Does TCB(thread control block) is created even if the process is co... 0.00
C function shadowing: why does this example not work? 0.00
how to find/implement a good hash function for bitset 0.00
Environment variable escaping across multiple Makefiles -1.09
How to convert unique_ptr<derived>* to unique_ptr<base>*? 0.00
Any case of std::promise that can't be replaced by a single thr... -1.06
Named semaphores instead of mutex - readers writers problem without... +0.41
std::ostringstream overwriting initializing string 0.00
Under what circumstances would the OS be aware of threads created b... 0.00
Is Nginx's approach to CPUs scalability (per process epoll even... -0.31