An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1711.29 (107th)
92,627 (842nd)
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Title Δ
Lambda expression with list operations +0.23
Python: get all months in range? +0.68
Creating a delegate with unknown parameters and return type -0.27
How to exclude first word in Pandas header? +0.22
use linq to group by and then run select query with where condition -2.70
Delete FileInfo using LINQ +1.79
Group Dictionary by splitting the Key and create new Dictionary +0.86
How to create a Task<> I can complete manually 0.00
Python cartesian product and conditions? +0.91
Using AddRange from a list causes multiple database trips 0.00
How to calcualte the sum of a huge range filtered by a predicate in... -0.27
c# which collection to use multiple producers and a single consumer? 0.00
How does .NET framework low level APIs work? +0.23
How to find all ordered pairs of elements in array of integers whos... +0.23
how do I create a python list with a negative index -1.59
Does casting an IEnumerable to an IList<TResult> enumerate th... +1.02
Will Guid.GetHashCode() return different value with different AppDo... -0.62
What is the difference between deducting two dates directly and ded... +1.32
Using Linq to partition a dataset -3.12
What is an efficient way to find the first occurrence of an element... +0.23
C# Check if Class is Null for Class with Custom == operator +0.62
Deleting a node in a linked list left some data 0.00
How to do a recursive LINQ query? +0.02
Producer/Consumer pattern with a batched producer 0.00
Convert IEnumerable<IGrouping<T, K>> to IEnumerable<... 0.00
ILookup store item under multiple keys 0.00
What's Irony's equivalent of Yacc's optional operator ("?"... 0.00
Get MemberAssignments from Action 0.00
Lamdba of "x => { throw .. }" inferred to match Func&l... 0.00
LINQ: How to null out properties in a projection? 0.00
Calculate total count of int values in dictionary +0.65
The parameter '***' was not bound in the specified LINQ to Entities... 0.00
Caching the result of a function call in .Where and .Select stateme... -0.06
How to create alias of System Constants class +0.86
Does calling IEnumerable.Cast<T>() changes the underlying typ... +0.73
Filter with several nullable conditions an IEnumerable - List using... -0.39
Get result from Delegate Invocation list 0.00
Any way to trigger timeout on WaitOne() immediately? -0.68
Get object properties with reflection except instance properties 0.00
LINQ: why array and list uses different iterators 0.00
given "N" find p & q such that p+q=N and p*q is maximum 0.00
How to parse expression tree to extract a type condition OfType 0.00
How to get the correct MethodInfo for "Where" extension m... +0.73
Splitting byte list into position lists C# -0.40
Get max value of List Point with condition -0.62
Easy way to select more than one field using LINQ +0.54
What's the reason behind CA1023 0.00
How to calculate the number of months between two dates in C# -1.11
How to assigning a Expression of <T> in a Expression of object? 0.00
C# DateTime.ParseExact determining year prefix +0.75