An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Gene T

1362.13 (4,409,281st)
5,071 (32,619th)
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Title Δ
Is ??? a valid symbol or operator in scala -0.71
Can't get Homebrew and git to work the way I want them to -0.29
What is #:: method -1.12
Debuggin single lines in Scala -0.89
How do I look up Haskell commands and keywords? -1.06
Ocaml lwt symbols -0.35
What does ~ do in scala? +0.24
Good introduction to free theorems 0.00
What should a Scala developer know about Java and/or the JVM? +1.45
A user ranking model +0.02
Timing analysis of Clojure code -0.29
First Steps into Scala -0.64
What does the `#` operator mean in Scala? -0.81
How to extract keywords from a block of text in Haskell -1.46
How to remove the extra double quote? -0.32
Actor-based distributed concurrency libraries for Ocaml and other l... -0.15
Does being a competent scala programmer require you to be a compete... -0.10
Syntax sugar: _* for treating Seq as method parameters -0.76
Bit fields in Scala -0.47
Website for checking in which programing language code was written? 0.00
is there any scala network library with actor model -0.90
Standard for Clojure? -0.90
Can immutable be a memory hog? -0.46
Which term to use when referring to functional data structures: per... -0.09
Automated Java to Scala source code conversion? 0.00
Parallel programming patterns for C#? -0.83
Language/libraries for downloading & parsing web pages? +1.15
Unable to use function call in function guard -2.11
How can I find all R packages that include graphics functions? -0.32
Should I be pattern matching every return value? -2.53
Erlang compound boolean expression -2.64
Concurrency: how does shared memory vs message passing handle large... -2.59
Where is Erlang used and why? -0.60
What makes Erlang suitable for soft real-time applications? -3.02
Debugging a scripting language like ruby -0.19
functional programming model efficiency (Erlang specific) -1.35
Comparing performance between ruby and python code -2.79
is erlangs recursive functions not just a goto? -2.66
ruby edge cases -2.87
How can I convert an HTML table to CSV? -1.24
Sudo gem update --dry-run? -1.60
Recursive model in Rails -2.90
Ruby alternative for Lucene -2.19
how to get all docs with acts_as_solr -2.73
ActiveRecord for Erlang -3.08
Is there a rigorous general introduction to event-based programming... -3.06
How do I create a temp filename in Erlang? -3.24
Talk to data warehouse-style tables with ActiveRecord? +2.37
What software programming language is like Ruby? -0.75
How to make Ruby's N ends look better? -2.78