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Ladislav Mrnka

1624.13 (986th)
341,622 (101st)
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Title Δ
Google Widevine DRM Key Rotation 0.00
HTML5 player not working on chrome -0.67
User authorization in Widevine DRM protected content for html player. 0.00
Does PlayReady play encrypted HLS on iOS only? +1.30
Splitting mp4 files vs mp4-dash 0.00
How does EME prevent me from recording a netflix stream? 0.00
Widevine to encrypt all type of content and how to implement 0.00
PlayReady DRM on iOS: Can you copy the decrypted video image to you... 0.00
Can I make an app to remove DRM(Digital rights management) tag from... 0.00
SmoothStreaming Player in NodeJS 0.00
Is there an equivalent function like JMS Topic in MSMQ? 0.00
Is testable onion-style code in 3- or n-tier architecture possible... +1.18
How does .Attach differ from .Add in Entity framework 6.1? 0.00
Can I create a service with WCF that generate SupportingTokens poli... 0.00
UpdateException Entity framework bidirectional foreign key 0.00
Table with INSERT statement conflict in totally different table 0.00
How to dynamically change property in lambda expression 0.00
Can I tell EF6 to not try and insert a value into a column if it's... +1.38
How to Load Related Objects in EF? -2.44
Entity Framework 5 and 6 in the same application 0.00
Entity Framework 6.0 not auto-generating 'On Changing' or 'On Chang... 0.00
What is the bottle neck in using a DBContext? +0.33
Cascade delete with DbContext and Entity Framework 6 0.00
Adding existing edmx file, entity classes, context to a new solution 0.00
EF6 - TPH foreign key mapping in derived classes using base class p... 0.00
Left outer join with eagar loading 0.00
model lose changes on database update in Entity framework 6 0.00
Unable to cast object of type System.Data.Objects.ObjectStateEntryD... 0.00
EF5 CodeFirst startup performance: generate edmx model at compile t... 0.00
Does Entity Framework 6 precompile queries with .Net Framework 4.0 -0.15
Entity Framework 6 Cannot build after adding stored procedures to d... -0.06
Entity framework nesting complex types 0.00
Entity Framework - Updating relationship by changing foreign key +0.33
{"An object with the same key already exists in the ObjectStat... 0.00
Mapping a Many-to-Many relationship with an Attribute in Entity Fra... 0.00
Update and select records in Entity Framework 0.00
"Does not contain definition for" error when using juncti... 0.00
What is the relationship between domain models and view models? Do... -1.53
virtual keyword, Include extension method, lazy loading, eager load... +0.94
Models / Entities vs complex types 0.00
Entity Framework Model Property not update properly 0.00
Entity Framework IDENTITY_INSERT ON doesn't work 0.00
EF5 Code First: Detect if it creates a database so I can run ALTER... -2.39
Getting the IsAuthenticated status on WCF Data Services within the... 0.00
Simultaneously writing to same table with Entity Framework 0.00
One to Zero or One relationship with EF5 fluent mapping +1.26
Creating a dynamic complex type in entity framework 0.00
DDD and how to map EF entities to domain objects? 0.00
Dependency injection in unit of work pattern using repositories -0.71
Why is EntityFramework Namespace undefined even after installing En... 0.00